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Our Story

With our background and experience in Software Development, we aimed towards working with industry experts to create Point of sale solutions which directly reflect on needs of merchants. Subsequently, our software company product line has been growing in aspects to software, hardware and service.


Now, we are reaching to grow in our community, constantly improving our operations and product line.

Our Mission

Create new standards for merchant solutions in the retail industry.


To be leaders in providing merchant solutions, covering the needs of our clients and supporting their business throughout their growth process, offering the best services, hardware and software to date.


About Our Company

Spun locally in Massachusetts, Universum builds software solutions that reflect on the needs of merchants ranging from small to medium sized businesses. We showcase our all-in-one point of sale systems which have been catering new merchant/customer experiences and enabling new platforms for doing business.


We are looking forward to constantly growing and improving the value we provide to our clients along with core support, appreciated services and affordable products.

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