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All you need to know to access the Universum Referral Program benefits

Universum rewards your fidelity: Refer and earn $100 per referred client.

If you are part of this uFamily, you can enjoy the benefits offered by the Universum Referral Program.

Program rules and conditions:

1. Being part of this uFamily: The client applying to the Referral Program must have an active account and a Processing plan with Universum.

2. Referring a new client: By referring a new client you’ll receive a $100 commission. The referred client must buy a Point of Sale Solution or a card processing system to qualify for this reward.

If you refer four (4) new clients: Additional to earning $100 per referral, you’ll get a free subscription to uCare+, as long as your referred clients are subscribed to uCare.

¿Would you like to know more?

Get in contact with your sales agent at +1-888-507-661, to receive more information about the Universum referral program. We are available through our other contact channels such as e-mail, social media and our web page, where you’ll find info on the subject and more.

Be part of our big family, earn money and benefits!

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