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Are you prepared for the unexpected? Discover how to protect your business with a DRP

We have talked many times about the benefits of systematizing your business, to strengthen the commercial area and maintain effective processes, but no business is exempt from a sudden suspension of operations due to unexpected incidents such as: natural disasters, electrical failures, human error, among other eventualities. This can cause significant losses if there is no backup strategy to solve it quickly. Do you know how to protect your information and give continuity to your processes? If the answer is yes, you already know that all it takes is some help of technology and a DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan).

What is a DRP?

A DRP, (disaster recovery plan) is a plan carried out through a structured strategy with measures and actions that guarantees the security and restoration of technology and information services of the companies after having suffered an eventuality that affects their operations. The goal is to minimize the impact and downtime that a disaster can cause, allowing you to get back to business quickly and efficiently.

How to create a DPR?

Creating a DPR (Disaster Prevention Plan) can be accomplished by considering the following six (6) steps:

Step 1: Create and train a team. Designate a team dedicated to planning and implementing the Disaster Prevention Plan, DPR. It is important that all departments of the companies are involved.

Step 2: Evaluate the risks. Understanding what the potential risks would be will help your business develop relevant recovery strategies.

Ask yourself, what are the eventualities that could affect my business quality? Here are a few that could help you:

• Accidental deletion of information due to human error.

• A natural disaster. Involves earthquakes, floods and/or hurricanes.

• An epidemiological alert (epidemics due to viruses or diseases).

• Electrical failures, fires or damage to the facilities’ pipes.

• Cyber ​​attacks, hacking and/or data theft.

Step 3: Define the objectives. It is important to define the requirements and metrics to evaluate the DPR’s effectiveness, which could be:

• Guarantee business continuity.

• Protect the information of the company and its customers.

• Minimize financial impacts caused by downtime.

• Minimize downtime and start up.

Step 4: Analyze the impact. A risk assessment must be carried out, based on a Business Impact Analysis (BIA), based on which you can make decisions and implement effective recovery strategies and implementation of data backup policies.

Step 5: Describe the plan. Prepare a descriptive document on the strategies to be implemented before, during and after suffering an eventuality. This plan must follow a communication protocol, defined security measures and recovery procedures for systems and applications.

Step 6: Test and update your DPR, so you can identify possible failures and make improvements. Set a regular maintenance schedule.

What are the benefits of having a DRP?

‍Risk identification: Having a DRP allows you to identify, plan and evaluate the possible risks and needs that affect your company, with the aim of adopting measures to mitigate possible threats and having a fast reaction, since there is prior knowledge of the infrastructure, technology and business operations.

Protection of information: Have an external backup that makes constant backup copies so the data can be recovered and reactivated in the shortest time possible and thus minimize losses due to inactive of operations.

Customer trust: Let customers know that their data is protected, this helps to maintain a trusting business relationship as well as allowing downtime not to affect the compromise with suppliers and customers, maintaining a positive image of the company.

Your information is safe with Universum

If you purchase a POS System with Universum and subscribe to an uCare or uCare+ plan, the peace of mind of your business is assured. Your information will always be protected since updates and backups of important customer data are constantly and automatically happening. Said information is protected in our cloud and if something unforeseen happens, you can access them fast and smoothly.

In addition, uCare plans provide the protection of your devices and the option to replace devices, which applies to any type of damage or unpredicted event, without additional costs.

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