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Are you ready to succeed on Mother's Day?

May 12 marks Mother's Day in the United States and in several Latin American countries. More than just a date on the calendar, it is a time charged with emotions, family gatherings, and of course, gifts!

For businesses, this is not just a date to celebrate, it is a great opportunity to boost their sales and make history in their financial records.

Stores are preparing for an avalanche of customers eager to find the perfect gift. It is an event that not only touches people's hearts but also their wallets, making it a crucial point in the year for the retail economy. That's why every business must make sure to have their inventories ready and their strategies sharpened so as not to get lost in the competition.

Conquer Mother's Day with these Marketing Strategies!

On days like this, competition is fierce, and only those with a clear plan stand out. It takes more than just having high-quality products to win over customers' hearts and minds. You need to use innovative and successful marketing techniques. We recommend you keep reading our blog so that you have infallible strategies for this day.

Targeted advertising and promotions: Promotional offers focused on mothers will set the tone. Create a promotional strategy that consists of exclusive discounts, combos, or differentiating gift packages. You can include free shipping to special customers and/or discount coupons to further promote purchases. Don’t forget to establish a time-limited period so that consumers feel the need to buy immediately.

Here are some promotion examples you can adapt to your business.

Use your social networks to communicate: Nowadays, social networks have become one the best platforms to sell by focusing on creating content that promotes ideal shopping experiences. This doesn’t mean your content has to be about specifically selling products in its entirety, but you can share gift ideas that customers may find in your store or business, tell inspiring stories, or create culinary recipes with the products in stock, among other quality content ideas that spark interest in followers and buyers.

💡Content Idea: a video of the preparation process one of the especial products that will be for sale on mother's day, like the one below.

Check out this Instagram reel idea that works for any store, just remember to adapt the content to your market focus: DIY Gift Basket

Emotion-driven marketing campaigns: Stories that move feelings would be the right ones to use during these campaigns. A good idea is to work around concepts linked to love and gratitude.

Here's a beautiful example:

💡 Pro tip: Read more on the keys to influencing consumer behavior

E-mail Marketing: E-mail has been undoubtedly one of the best tools to encourage loyalty among your customers by sharing your business news, and promotions, or even congratulating them on special dates and making exclusive offers for Mother's Day as well as other event days.

Personalize products and/or services: Offer more options to personalize cards, gifts, or messages from customers.

Create strategic allies: Currently, one of the most effective ways to promote your brand is to collaborate with other brands. These activities attract more people so don’t forget to always work on your customer service improvement.

Exclusive experiences: Offering experiences has gained great value in the market, consumers are looking for activities that allow them to get out of the routine and create an opportunity to learn new things. Examples: Cooking workshops, sports and painting, among others.

Remember that for all these recommendations to work, your staff must be up to the task so your sales may materialize. Read more about this here

What are the most demanded gifts?

Mother's Day causes great commotion because it is an emotional date that generates big feelings, love included. Commercial establishments are filled with customers who desire to have in their hands, the best gifts for that special being. So… what are the most purchased gifts? Flowers, personalized gifts, cards with dedications, and unique experiences. Consumers want access to different products, which are becoming trends, to find the perfect gift to express their love and gratitude to their mothers.

Check out your POS system features

We are sure that in May, your business will experience great flow in your sales and, undoubtedly, you should have the support of a good Point of Sales System to help manage the workload, especially for Mother’s Day, you must have up-to-date inventory info as well as accurate sales reports to create a data-based sales strategy and schedule offers on the products you need to sell faster and stock on products you may be out of.

Other details you should take into account in your system are:

  • Payment methods: Not everyone likes to pay with cash so you must have a payment processing system that accepts: Debit and/or credit cards, EBT cards, WIC cards, and OTC cards. Also, there are other payment methods to have in mind, like electronic cards (such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, etc.) which are becoming quite popular. You won't miss a sale!

  • Make sure it allows you to schedule promotions and offers according to specific dates and other parameters while also handling the automatic execution of special offers without you having to worry about said dates or quantities of products.

At Universum, we cover these bases and add many more features to help you get the best out of your business.

If you already have a Universum POS, these are the steps you must follow to make a promotion:

  1. Log in with your administrator code.

  2. On the top menu, click on the “Inventory” button.

  3. Search for the product with the search engine or by reading its barcode.

  4. Click on the “Fees or discounts” button.

  5. Click on “Item on special”.

  6. Read and complete in detail the required fields with the offer’s price and duration dates.

Here you have a short video tutorial of these steps.

Remember to always analyze your strategies with reports: Through sales reports, you can know all about this season’s performance and make decisions supported by real data.

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