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Basic POS Elements for a small business

Some time ago, point of sales systems -POS- were just limited to a cash register, nowadays it has become a completely integrated system with different devices that work in harmony. Some of the advantages, that make them stand out, include having the opportunity to constantly check inventory, multiple payment methods, automatic sales reports and lots of multifunctional tools that will boost your sales and make your business grow.

What elements does a POS need to perform correctly?

POS consist of different devices that allow them to integrally assist your sales, here we mention the most important ones.

· Point of Sales Equipment: This is the main device, it works with software and a screen for visualization and it’s where the data/user interaction happens, allowing processes, products and prices to be related.

· Product Scanner: A barcode reader that will scan products fast so that the information can be displayed and registered.

· Receipt Printer: To have a resume of purchase for the client.

· Dataphone: It will provide an entry point for some of the most common forms of payment. Debit\Credit cards.

· PDA: A Wireless device to make inventory review faster. Information will be updated in a focal point. You’ll save time.

· Price Checker: Placed in strategic locations inside the store, this device provides product price info for the client.

All of these tools work intertwined and the information they handle can be easily managed and updated through the system they are connected to.

The advantages of implementing a POS are significant since it represents a strong stepping stone for your business to grow and increase its sales, minimizing the loss risk and saving time on many processes.

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