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Boost your business with this new benefit: Cash Advance

Did you know that now there’s a fast and flexible way to obtain financing for your business without the familiar hassle that comes with traditional loans? In this new blog, we introduce you to Merchant Cash Advance, a revolutionary resource that can boost your business to the next level. Read on to discover how this innovative benefit improves your cash flow, and allows you to grow without the usual financial constraints. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your business!

Today's business models have changed, giving way to new ventures with broader visions that have driven society's economic and technological development. These new models are based on objectives that not only aim to generate financial profit but also promote policies that attempt to have positive impacts on communities and environmental protection measures, thus creating companies with very different needs from those of traditional models.

During the execution of their operational processes, ventures face adversities that may put their financial sustainability at risk, since, in many circumstances, entrepreneurs do not have the economic solvency to enhance their operations, limiting the growth and expansion of the business. As a result, their stability and chances of competing in the market are reduced.

When companies lack money… crisis arrives. In these scenarios, many entrepreneurs opt to close their business doors, leaving dreams, projects, and unemployment in its wake.

Before entrepreneurs drop the towel, which sometimes may seem like the best option, in this blog we want to explore a new way in which they can have access to capital, without worrying about the tediousness of applying for a loan with the bank or other entities, that may result -sadly-  in denials and bitter memories of frustrating processes.

We are talking about Merchant Cash Advance or MCA, a service that provides financing for merchants in exchange for an agreed percentage of sales made, through credit and/or debit cards.

Merchant Cash Advance, a great ally for small businesses

The Merchant Cash Advance or MCA, opens up to the business world as a solution, with short and simple steps for entrepreneurs who, due to various difficulties or lack of business experience, need to inject capital into their businesses and cannot access bank loans. With the Merchant Cash Advance, we provide a financing solution with flexible payments in the event of a liquidity crisis for small businesses that need funds immediately.

These are the merchant cash advance benefits for small businesses:

Receive the funds to upgrade your business in a short time and without tedious paperwork.

  • One of the main advantages of the MCA is the ability to use of this money faster than traditional bank loans allow. The approval process for the funds barely takes a few days and the availability for disbursement is almost immediate. The providers of this type of loan base their service on the business's credit and debit card sales, not on the business's commercial history, which speeds up the process and requires less documentation.

  • Payments in advance are given based on a projection of the business’s future sales or as a percentage of credit or debit card transactions.

  • The business can choose from daily, weekly, or monthly repayment plans. Since personal credit is unaffected by an MCA, it is highly appealing to companies hesitant to borrow money because of potential defaults.

  • The money provided by an MCA will be available for any operational investment the business may require but is not limited to investments exclusively.

An MCA can be of great help to small businesses do not have sufficient capital to develop their potential just yet. With this service, these businesses will be able to have capital flow to invest and support the areas that need money the most and implement strategies for their business growth.

💡 One example of use, is the purcasing of inventory, upgrading of tech equipment, hiring employees with higher skills, investing in marketing and advertising, and recovery strategies in the face of emergencies or unexpected expenses.

Universum’s new strategy to support your business.

At Universum, we provide technological solutions to businesses. With our Point of Sales System (uPOS), we help our clients to systematize their processes, minimizing errors and ensuring secure transactions.

Now our services are growing. We want to support community and small business growth by offering even more opportunities to entrepreneurs like you. With the Merchant Cash Advance, you will receive that quick capital boost whenever you need it without wasting time and energy on exhausting paperwork.

If you want to learn more about this service, please contact our sales agents at 1-888-507-6614 or visit our website:

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