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How does QuickBooks Online help your business?

Technology has developed digital tools that allow companies to work in a more organized manner, giving structure to information and being a great ally when pursuing sales and growth goals in a way that’s secure and intelligent.

Enterprise management requires planning and course defining through business models that comply with norms and obligations set by the country and state.

There’s a tool that facilitates business administration, in an effective and reliable way, named QuickBooks Online. It’s an accounting software designed for small and medium enterprises, which brings support with financial transactions, electronic invoicing, inventory management, bank account integration and financial report generation.

What are the main characteristics that determine if QuickBooks Online is fit for your business?

There are a few, up next, we offer a list to help you understand how it works so you can make the best decision:

  • Easy Access: Since it's cloud based, you can access from anywhere and whenever you want with an internet connection.

  • Easy to use: Functions are automatic and preprogrammed, meaning it doesn’t need previous accounting knowledge.

  • Safe and reliable: It has advanced security measures and protects your business's data through data encryption.

  • Task automation: Save time in many accounting tasks, follow expenses and bank account linking.

  • Flexible: Adapt your system to your business.

  • Information up to date: Financial records are constantly updated, which allows for spot-on strategic decisions.

  • Financial Reports: Allows generating financial reports with balance sheet and cash flow.

  • Inventory Management: Generate inventory reports and follow product stock on time.

  • Invoicing: Customize your invoices to match your business’s needs and image. In addition, you can send them to your clients in an instant.

  • Receive online payments: Follow invoice payment status and send automatic reminders for on-time payments from clients.

  • Bank account linking: Save time and minimize errors by automatically linking bank accounts to visualize transactions.

  • Multiple system integration: It can add value to other systems by integrating its functions with them and since it also works with Excel, you’ll be able to export data and easily customize accounting reports.

QuickBooks provides a comprehensive solution that enables businesses to know the financial profit in detail and aid decision-making processes with data. Besides, it helps to simplify accounting/management activities with real-time visualization of data.

Universum has integrated QuickBooks Online with its POS System

One of the most recent updates announced by Universum is the integration with QuickBooks Online, creating a powerful combination that will allow data to flow smoothly between your uPOS and QuickBooks Online.

What are the advantages of this integration?

· Makes accounting management even easier.

· Generation of receipts and detailed invoices.

· Spot-on info on transactions, revenue and expenses.

· Financial/sales reports.

· Bank account linking.

· uPOS payments, are automatically sent to QuickBooks Online.

If you want to know more about the uPOS-QuickBooks Online integration plugin, get in contact with a sales agent through our customer service line at +1-888-507-6614 and for more info about our devices and plans, visit our web page:

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