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Newsletter June 2023

Expand your market, receiving payments with WIC program cards

It is for real!! With your Universum Point of Sales System, you will not miss any type of sale; you will be able to receive all kinds of transactions.

The most recent news at Universum is the great integration to our POS that will allow your business to receive WIC Program cards, as a payment method.

The WIC Program (Supplemental Nutrition Program, for pregnant, lactating, or postpartum women, infants, and children with nutritional risk) is a state program that has benefited 7.5 million people, making it a potential area to expand your business’s market and increase your sales, by being able to process these cards.


Find out the latest software updates

New features:

Stay informed about your business:

Receive daily reports on your sales performance, inventories and other metrics, directly to your email.


Updates for convenience stores and supermarkets:

New version 8.0.0

  1. Receive and print instant reports on sales and inventories from your POS.

  2. EWIC Compatibility – Seamless integration with checkout and weighing systems.

  3. Optimization in design and automatic data backups guarantees a better experience and the protection of your information.

If you are interested in these features and more, or you have any doubts about the updates, get in touch with your sales agent or call us at +1-888-507-6614.


Important notice regarding July 4th:

Our office staff will not be available on this day, but our technical team will be available for your inquiries and to help you with any other issues you may encounter, just as they would on any other day.

You can contact our technical support team through the following channels:

Phone: 1-888-507-6614

We apologize for any inconvenience our office closure may cause. Know we are committed to ensuring that your technical support needs are taken care of, including on holidays and weekends.


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