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Technology: the main support element to fight pilferage.

Pilferage has turned into an issue all businesses have to be careful with, since it’s a component that puts the financial well-being of companies at risk by decreasing income and causing inventory and sales loss.

What is pilferage?

It is an act of crime that businesses suffer from frequently, especially when they are retail. These passive, apparently small, thefts can be executed by employees, clients and even providers, bringing income deficit as a result.

If you are a businessperson with a feeling that your business could be a victim of pilferage, it is the moment to take safety measures and create a security strategy that allows you to have more control over your products and profit.

Steps to minimize pilferage risk

1. Train your staff: Promote the sense of belonging and business ethics and define the rules and consequences they will be exposed to by taking part in this crime. Include best inventory practices in the program.

2. Establish roles: Each employee must know their functions clearly. It is advised that you set a warehouse manager in charge of staff entry to prevent unauthorized personnel from having access to the products.

3. Regular inventory count: Making inventory count a daily activity is one of the best ways to know what goes on in your business and how the demand/supply is flowing.

4. Use a Point of sales software: Systematize your business and gear yourself up with the right tools, tackling pilferage head-on. It is noteworthy that implementing software that allows having real-time knowledge of your inventory, control of in-stock products and a bird’s eye view of your business in general -it’s one of the best management decisions.

Without a doubt, having a point of sales software is the best solution to minimize this snowball-effect-like phenomenon since you can access to all the merchandise entry, exit and sale information, which guarantees better management of your business.

This point of sales software must offer connection and integration services for all your business data. In addition, it should have complementary equipment that helps saving time by making regular tasks, like inventory count and management, easier.

At Universum Solution, you Will find a variety of devices that will give you all the necessary tools to reduce pilferage risk. If you wish for more information about our products, visit our web page: and request personalized assistance.

We assist 24/7 in English and Spanish.


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