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  • Keys to Influencing Consumer Behavior

    What makes a consumer choose one product over another? How can we influence their purchasing decisions? Find out which tactics work best for influencing your customer's behavior. In this blog, we will unravel the strategies that will lead retailers to stand out. This 2024, the consumer is the main character! The key? Two essential pillars that support sustaining customer satisfaction, ensuring healthy profit margins, and a satisfied customer are personalization and omnichannel marketing—which maximizes the customer experience through integrated communication channels. The U.S. retail market is at a defining stage, preceded by innovative trends that promise to transform customer behaviors. Retailers are well aware that their customers are the ones who set purchasing trends, which undoubtedly makes them the center of attention. They expect better products, but more than anything, they want individualized service and more benefits from their loyalty programs. This is the outcome of a genuine relationship between the business and its clients. Today, understanding consumer preferences, their behavior patterns, and what motivates their purchase has become the main focus of successful companies. Retailers should concentrate on supplying high-quality products, influencing consumer decisions, and delivering exceptional customer service. What’s consumer behavior? 💡 These are the actions and purchasing patterns of people to satisfy their needs when acquiring products and/or services. Types of consumers Nowadays, businesses must take into account the different types of consumers to satisfy their needs as efficiently as possible. Although they might have different behaviors, in the end, the retailer's only objective is to achieve the sale, based on a positive influence of decisions made and the motivations projected on the consumer to make a purchase. Below we define these customers and what strategies to use: Traditional consumers: purchases are oriented to physical stores. For these customers, a product interaction experience, observing, asking questions, receiving personalized customer service from sales staff, and personalized recommendations are key. Digital consumers: Their shopping preferences are oriented to acquiring products and/or services via the Internet. They have a desire to purchasing products but they have the opportunity to access several stores and buy products and check prices from home, at any time. The most important thing for this consumer is that the websites, online customer service, and communication channels of the companies are reliable with their data. Mixed consumers: They tend to buy where the product is most profitable. Their consumption habits vary according to calendar dates and products offered. These customers can be targeted with great online offers and in-store discounts. There's no doubt that retailers study the consumer to sell more and implement strategies that target consumer behavior to build loyalty. How? There are multiple ways, including loyalty programs, strategies focused on communication channels and specialized and personalized attention. Loyalty programs: This marketing strategy aims to reward the purchase behavior of your customers, which generates consumer loyalty and company or brand loyalty, in addition to driving business growth and increasing revenue, since customers value loyalty programs for the added value of receiving incentives and rewards for their purchases. Omnichannel strategy: Integrate communication and sales channels. Through this strategy, customer service is a priority and is related to building a shopping experience and excellent customer service with an equal brand experience, regardless of the communication channel you choose. The main keys to having successful communication and customer service channels. Personalized communications: Keep customers loyal through optimal customer service. Call them by their given name. Define strategies in which they feel unique, for example: on their birthday, send them a loyalty card or a message with a discount voucher. Keep in mind that the company's brand voice should be reflected in the same way in all communications. Technology infrastructures: Retailers must begin to create structures and strategies that allow customers to shop in-store physically as well as online, to cover a wider audience. Hassle-free returns: It should be possible for customers to return items without having to comply with excessive demands. In addition, customers should be able to track store inventory in real-time, across all platforms. Artificial Intelligence: The use of this technology in companies has become a great tool to optimize your processes and take them to an advanced level. Make a study of which are the ones that contribute most to the growth of businesses. Post-sales customer service: Offering customer service following a sale, gives you the possibility of retaining your customers. Don't forget to habilitate channels where consumers can express their opinions. This information is valuable to improve your product and/or service. Payment methods: Have a multifunctional payment system in which the company receives all types of payments: cash, debit cards, credit cards, and other state/government aid cards. Also, make sure it offers secure and fast payment equipment and terminals, and if it is via the web, provide the appropriate technology and confidence for electronic payments. 💡 You may also be interested in: Tips for better customer service. Universum helps you to know more about your customers Knowing your customer's shopping behavior is very easy with Universum's POS sales reports and, in addition to its equipment being able to adapt to any business, one of the bigger highlights is that it accepts all forms of payment, including cash, debit, and credit cards, EBT cards, WIC cards, and OTC Program Cards. This allows you to target your promotions to a certain industry and determine which payment methods are your client's preference. If you would like to learn more about our benefits and services, feel free to contact a sales agent at 888-507-6614 or visit our website: Don’t forget to follow our social media: Facebook, X, and Instagram LinkedIn: Universum

  • Know the importance of having skilled personnel working in your business

    Bring out the best in your company and attract more clients! Do you have your store's best-selling items already? Are your sales consistent? It's time to stand out from the competition! Keep in mind that providing amazing customer service is your biggest asset as a retailer. Focus your goals on ensuring friendly, quality, and efficient service. Want to know how to achieve this? Hiring staff with assertive skills and qualities that promote the company's policies and identity is a great way to ensure success, as it has a direct impact on operational efficiency and high-quality customer service. In this blog, we will analyze some skills and abilities that an employee should have to bring more value to businesses in the workplace and how, through good service, customer loyalty is achieved. Read on to discover the key to success and how to hire the ideal staff for your business! 💡 If you still don't know how to ensure customer service, here are some essential tips to implement the best customer service in your company. Working personnel skills In today's dynamic world of work, company personnel face increasingly complex demands. It is no longer enough to have only a solid academic background or a professional degree; it is essential to possess skills that enable productive performance in the labor market. Adapting quickly to change, managing emotional intelligence, and being familiar with, or willing to learn about innovation and technology tools are becoming crucial. We'll compile a list of the most common skills that an employee must have to face the working world and that employers should value as essential. Personnel with social and emotional skills These skills are part of the social dynamics that promote effective communication, collaboration, and teamwork. These are some of the most outstanding: Proactive and respectful negotiation and conflict resolution. Creativity and innovation. Assertive communication and cordial behavior towards the customer as well as being able to do feedback analysis for the business. Willingness to learn new skills. Strength to face changes and adapt to new contexts. Ability to make decisive, quick, and effective decisions. Good management of emotional intelligence, ability to manage their emotions, communication, and good relationships with the work team, creating a good working environment. Resilience: it is an added value when your employee can overcome obstacles that affect productivity and take advantage of new opportunities that arise along the way. Technological and digital skills Personnel with technological and digital skills Nowadays, technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, which means that investing in having technological skills and learning to master them has become a priority. Here are some of the most important to have a competitive profile in the market. Marketing or digital marketing: Employees must learn to market products and services, including social media management. Web and software development studies: this skill guarantees the evolution of the business and better-paid profiles. Creative digital skills: This trend allows the safe growth of retail companies. Knowledge in graphic design, animations, photography, and game development, among others, allows an optimal management of marketing and communications. Ability to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools. Ability and skills to do remote work. Why is Universum’s POS the best option for your business? Universum’s equipment offer adapts to any business and can be acquired at the best prices in the market. Additionally, since the POS accepts all forms of payment (debit, credit, EBT, and WIC cards), you can choose to leave cash payments behind. Other relevat benefits You will be able to easily view sales reports and make fast analysis of your sales. With the Quickbooks integration, your business accounting will be easier and more accurate. Get a Point of Sale System (POS) today! and provide support for your commercial establishment's organization and receive secure payment transactions. If you want to learn more about our benefits and services, do not hesitate to contact a sales agent at +1-888-507-6614 or visit our website: We offer 24/7 support in English and Spanish. Don’t forget to follow our social media: Facebook, X and Instagram LinkedIn: Universum

  • Increase your sales potential with the OTC Program

    Do you want your business to be part of the select group that includes giants like Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens? With the OTC Program, you can offer your customers a wide range of healthy consumer products and over-the-counter medications, while generating revenue and building customer loyalty. Join this growing trend now and take your business to the next level. In this blog, we will continue to go deeper into the OTC Program and the advantages for supermarket and bodega owners to receive payments with S3 OTC cards. This is a benefit that guarantees the sales of multiple health food products and over-the-counter medicines, ensuring the coverage of a large public with the elderly as its main focus. In 2024 this market is on the rise, with more than 3,100 points of sale, where wholesalers and retailers already process these cards as a payment method and the benefit is perceived 100% in their finances. Having the products approved by the program in your inventory is the next, and equally crucial, step if your company already has a point-of-sale system that allows you to accept S3 cards. Be part of this great proposal, that promises to maximize sales and receive more income from purchases of food products, in this blog you will see a list of approved products to increase your sales. Benefits of the 3S OTC card for your business Many factors benefit retailers who receive these cards as a payment method, below are some of the elements that businesses can financially benefit from: Financial growth: Businesses will be able to sell more, by promoting sales of the variety of products that can be paid for with the 3S OTC card. Customers can purchase various products, such as nutritional foods, over-the-counter medicines, body and skin care. This gives customers the convenience of finding everything they need in one place. Loyalty programs: If your business receives the OTC card, you can design loyalty programs that allow your customers to save money by getting exclusive discounts on various goods. Inventory focused on authorized products. If you own a supermarket or bodega, check your product inventory and monitor which of them classify as food and/or healthy, which are on the list of authorized products, and what can be added to your stock. Said authorized products can be checked with a mobile app. 💡 OTC Program FACTS: More than 2,900 affiliated establishments. Presence in 46 U.S. states. More than 228 thousand clients. Member access to authorized products and services that support health determinants. Support local ethnic retailers across the country to improve health, under the Food=Health promise. Approximately $87 million was reinvested in local communities. Groups of products and services that apply to be purchased with S3 OTC cards Vitamins and dietary supplements. Nutrition and diabetes care. Food and beverages. Non-perishable foods. Weight control and nutritious foods. First aid. Pain management. Oral care. Skincare. Home health care. Health aids. Digestive health and diabetes care. Colds and allergies. Ear and eye care. Do you want to know which products and/or services your customers can access with the S3 OTC card? Don't hesitate to acquire this valuable information. Register on the following link to receive the official list and increase your income with these products. Universum and the OTC Program With the new alliance between Prohealthconnect and Universum's POS System, bodegas and supermarkets will have access to this program. If you are an active customer with a uCare or uCare+, fill out a form with one of our agents or click the register button below, and just like that! you will be able to receive OTC Program card transactions for free (purchases are made in the same way as a debit or credit card purchase). Remember that with our Point of Sales Systems and all our terminals, you can also receive all forms of payment: Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card, EBT Cards, and WIC cards. Trust us, we help you generate more sales with our services! If you want to learn more about our benefits, please contact our sales agents at 1-888-507-6614 or visit our website: Don’t forget to follow our social media: Facebook, X , and Instagram LinkedIn: Universum

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