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  • Are you prepared for the unexpected? Discover how to protect your business with a DRP

    We have talked many times about the benefits of systematizing your business, to strengthen the commercial area and maintain effective processes, but no business is exempt from a sudden suspension of operations due to unexpected incidents such as: natural disasters, electrical failures, human error, among other eventualities. This can cause significant losses if there is no backup strategy to solve it quickly. Do you know how to protect your information and give continuity to your processes? If the answer is yes, you already know that all it takes is some help of technology and a DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan). What is a DRP? A DRP, (disaster recovery plan) is a plan carried out through a structured strategy with measures and actions that guarantees the security and restoration of technology and information services of the companies after having suffered an eventuality that affects their operations. The goal is to minimize the impact and downtime that a disaster can cause, allowing you to get back to business quickly and efficiently. How to create a DPR? Creating a DPR (Disaster Prevention Plan) can be accomplished by considering the following six (6) steps: Step 1: Create and train a team. Designate a team dedicated to planning and implementing the Disaster Prevention Plan, DPR. It is important that all departments of the companies are involved. Step 2: Evaluate the risks. Understanding what the potential risks would be will help your business develop relevant recovery strategies. Ask yourself, what are the eventualities that could affect my business quality? Here are a few that could help you: • Accidental deletion of information due to human error. • A natural disaster. Involves earthquakes, floods and/or hurricanes. • An epidemiological alert (epidemics due to viruses or diseases). • Electrical failures, fires or damage to the facilities’ pipes. • Cyber ​​attacks, hacking and/or data theft. Step 3: Define the objectives. It is important to define the requirements and metrics to evaluate the DPR’s effectiveness, which could be: • Guarantee business continuity. • Protect the information of the company and its customers. • Minimize financial impacts caused by downtime. • Minimize downtime and start up. Step 4: Analyze the impact. A risk assessment must be carried out, based on a Business Impact Analysis (BIA), based on which you can make decisions and implement effective recovery strategies and implementation of data backup policies. Step 5: Describe the plan. Prepare a descriptive document on the strategies to be implemented before, during and after suffering an eventuality. This plan must follow a communication protocol, defined security measures and recovery procedures for systems and applications. Step 6: Test and update your DPR, so you can identify possible failures and make improvements. Set a regular maintenance schedule. What are the benefits of having a DRP? ‍Risk identification: Having a DRP allows you to identify, plan and evaluate the possible risks and needs that affect your company, with the aim of adopting measures to mitigate possible threats and having a fast reaction, since there is prior knowledge of the infrastructure, technology and business operations. Protection of information: Have an external backup that makes constant backup copies so the data can be recovered and reactivated in the shortest time possible and thus minimize losses due to inactive of operations. Customer trust: Let customers know that their data is protected, this helps to maintain a trusting business relationship as well as allowing downtime not to affect the compromise with suppliers and customers, maintaining a positive image of the company. Your information is safe with Universum If you purchase a POS System with Universum and subscribe to an uCare or uCare+ plan, the peace of mind of your business is assured. Your information will always be protected since updates and backups of important customer data are constantly and automatically happening. Said information is protected in our cloud and if something unforeseen happens, you can access them fast and smoothly. In addition, uCare plans provide the protection of your devices and the option to replace devices, which applies to any type of damage or unpredicted event, without additional costs. 📖 Find out more about the uCare plans and their benefits here Do you want more information? Learn more about this subject and/or our processing services benefits by contacting our sales agents at +1-978-416-9964 or visiting our web page: Don’t forget to follow our social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram LinkedIn: Universum

  • Protect your business: Learn how to detect and prevent cash fraud.

    Do you work with cash in your business? Don't risk it! Learn to detect and prevent fraud with these simple steps and ensure the safety of your money. Discover how Universum gives you peace of mind in your operations. Although transactions through credit and debit cards have gained more confidence and use when paying for a product, cash is still the most common way to receive payments in businesses. Handling cash is the easiest way to guarantee money on your hands, but you may be at risk of fraud, loss, or theft in sales. To receive your payments, you must do it in an organized way and the best way to do it is by implementing a POS System. With this tool, you can keep track and have the sales on record, no matter if the transaction is carried out with cash or any other payment methods. If you want to know other ways to minimize expenses in your company, we recommend this post: 📖 How to fight pilferage Learn to take control of your cash with these simple steps: Keep track of sales with a POS system that allows you to register all your sales and helps tracking the cash received as well. Your inventory under control: Avoid theft or cash loss due to sales record errors. With the POS System, you keep an updated record of the products you have sold, plus their availability. If you need help with your inventory we recommend this post: 📖 Efficient Inventories: The key to your business’s success Integrated cash drawers: have control over the opening and closing of the box where the money is kept. Also, you can control who manipulates the cash that comes in and goes out. It is also important to have more than one cash register and security covers, here we recommend an option. Instant sales reports: Through the reports, you may know more details about sales made and your customers. In addition, you'll be able to identify any errors and make the respective comparisons between the products sold and the transactions carried out. If you want to know other advantages of owning a POS here we leave you a link: 📖 Optimize your business and increase your sales. Recommendations to guarantee the security of your cash payments Scuring money is the objective of every business, the security and confidence provided by the POS System in use, is essential for all its operations, however, other processes are also important and guarantee good operational management. These are some recommendations to enable your business to flow properly. • Trained personnel: The personnel that manages the POS must be competent and trained to carry out the procedures that guarantee security in handling cash. In addition, they must know how to verify the authenticity of the money received and avoid counterfeit bills. • Secure Cash Drawer: The cash drawer must always be closed, locked, and only opened when making transactions or counting money. Also, when money requires counting, it must be done in a secure and private location. • Periodic counts: Performs periodic counts to verify that the money received and registered on the POS matches the cash counted at the cash register. This way you can identify money differences and take steps to correct them. • Updated POS: Updated POS software guarantees the safety of your processes. Universum gives you security in the management of your cash Making transactions with our POS system is secure, employees with a personalized access code are the only ones able to open the register. Business owners can verify cash payment entries and use camera to monitor the transactions made. If you want to know more about the benefits that Universum can offer to your business, contact our sales agents at +1-978-416-9964 or visit our web page: Don’t forget to follow our social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram LinkedIn: Universum

  • Efficient Inventories: The key to your business’s success

    Gain time, profitability and confidence by making the correct use of inventories. Having a record of what is available in your warehouse optimizes the management of your operations and guarantees an organized business, improving profits and maintaining the security of having enough products to satisfy the demand of your customers. We recommend you do your inventory and automate your business with a POS system. 🚀 Check these solutions out In this blog we will tell you about the benefits of having a systematized inventory, so you don’t need to make them in a manual and complicated way, minimizing the risk of losing money. An inventory is the first step for your business to succeed in sales. What do you achieve by doing it correctly? Warehouse control. You have the advantage of having a record of the products in stores and in storage. This helps you identify which products are selling the most and make sure that there is no shortage of some. In addition to being clear about which ones are selling little and thus making promotion decisions, and knowing which others are about to expire. Plan product re-stocking and make the purchasing process more efficient. This is thanks to the fact that you’ll be able to always know the number of products you need to meet the demand of your customers and avoid excessive or unnecessary purchases. Improvements in sales management because it allows knowing the availability of products and assertive management of customer expectations. What are the steps should you follow to gain control of your inventories? Step 1: We recommend that you acquire a Point of Sales System. One that is easy, simple and that still provides benefits and tools for the management of your company. Here we recommend one. Step 2: Create a database. All products must be registered in the POS System: Name, description, barcode, sale price, quantity in the warehouse, etc. Follow the instructions of your POS, it should also be intuitive and easy to use. Step 3: Track inventory. A good POS automatically updates the number of products in stock, each time a sale or purchase is made, you will immediately know the number of products available. Compare the physical inventory with the data registered in your System for even more control. You can also carry out promotions and sales strategies for less desirable, less sold or out-of-season products. Step 4: Generate reports and make strategic decisions. With your POS System, you will be able to generate inventory reports, know the best-selling products and those with the highest rotation, among other valuable information, which will allow you to improve your business’s performance. 📖 Basic POS Elements for a small business How do you save time with Universum’s POS System? With our devices you can easily manage your inventory in real-time, we offer you the best complementary tools, all integrated into your POS. Another product we recommend to save time and money is our PDA with which you can take inventory from anywhere in your warehouse and the information will be reflected throughout any of the system’s outputs with access. Features a PDA should have · Android or iOS operating system. · Touch screen. · Dust and splash resistant. · Intuitive and easy-to-use interface. · Sensor to scan codes. · Integration to your POS. Here’s an option. If you already have an Universum POS, here we show you how to do an inventory step-by-step from your POS screen: Enter the system with your administrator code. In the top menu, press the "Inventory" button. Scan the product code in the inventory search bar and press “Search”. Press the "New Article" button. Read and fill in the required fields in detail. Pro tip: If your product carries taxes or belongs to a government aid program. Click on Item Options to select the option that applies to your product. In the collections and discounts tab, you can specify if your article is on special sale or has a "Bottle Deposit". 6. Click on the “Save” button. Note: If your POS is in a different language than this guide, remember you can change it with this tutorial: 📖 In Universum, we speak your language Want more info? Learn more about this subject and/or our processing services benefits by contacting our sales agents at +1-978-416-9964 or visiting our web page: Don’t forget to follow our social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram LinkedIn: Universum

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    A15 THE ULTIMATE LUXURY EXPERIENCE Design for Restaurants and Retail Store Quote Now Best & Feature Loaded POS Looks good and performs better, and can be adapted to any situation Resistant IPX spill and dust resistant hardware so you can focus on your business Optimal Hardware High Performance, Design And Stability Design All-in-one solution built with high-performance hardware Quote Now Easy to use software Our system is simple to setup and easy to learn Integrations ​ We have integrations with QuickBooks , WooCommerce and all our customers have early access to newer integrations in the future. Server Connect all your Systems Local Backups Learn More Quote Now A15 $499.99 With flexible payments Product Details 4GB RAM IPX5 Splash and dust resistant Windows 10 Professional 15" Touch screen Intel i3 - 2.4 GHz WIFI 802.1 a/b/g/n Bluetooth 10” Customer screen Get Now

  • About Us | Universum

    Our Story With our background and experience in Software Development, we aimed towards working with industry experts to create Point of sale solutions which directly reflect on needs of merchants. Subsequently, our software company product line has been growing in aspects to software, hardware and service. Now, we are reaching to grow in our community, constantly improving our operations and product line. Our Mission Create new standards for merchant solutions in the retail industry. Vision To be leaders in providing merchant solutions, covering the needs of our clients and supporting their business throughout their growth process, offering the best services, hardware and software to date. About Our Company Spun locally in Massachusetts, Universum builds software solutions that reflect on the needs of merchants ranging from small to medium sized businesses. We showcase our all-in-one point of sale systems which have been catering new merchant/customer experiences and enabling new platforms for doing business. We are looking forward to constantly growing and improving the value we provide to our clients along with core support, appreciated services and affordable products.

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    THE FULL STARTER PACK MAKE IT SIMPLE with flexible payments A10 $39 9 .99 That Includes: License Software Cash Drawer Product Scanner Receipt Printer Point Of Sale equipment All-in-One With an amazing DUAL 15 Inch Screen PinPad P200 (Free with processing) GET IT NOW

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