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  • Watch your summer sales skyrocket with these awesome tips

    Summer is here and the feeling of vacations, outdoor activities, and warm weather should be reflected in your business. This season is very likely to bring more customers, so it is the perfect time to create strategies that give visibility and provide a great shopping experience for consumers . Take advantage of your facilities and inventory to create an endless number of activities that will promote the visit of more customers and turn into more sales. Read these great recommendations that will drive your sales to the top. Create a loyalty program:  If you don't have one yet… this is a sign. Start developing strategies with the help of one. These programs are perfect for creating a bond with your customers. You will be able to have accurate information about them, which you can use later to generate promotions and brand communication content. Advantages of having a loyalty program. Allows you to create a database of your customers, with important information. They are perfect to encourage recurring purchases. When customers receive benefits and/or discounts, they are more likely to buy again. Improve the customer experience by making them feel valued and rewarded. Strengthens and encourages purchases of additional products. Summer inventory: Having a focused inventory is ideal for promoting sales in a supermarket. Customers will be looking to purchase seasonal items, such as beverages, snacks, sports, and beach accessories, which are ideal for satisfying the summer mood. Events and tastings: Summer is the perfect time to plan activities. The best way to showcase your supermarket is to hold events that allow visibility and brand introductions through tastings or exclusive activities for customers. Examples that you can implement in this strategy Set offers for new products. Strengthen the sale of organic and local products under the banner of a more sustainable and environmentally friendly planet. Promote exclusive products or new brands. Novelty will always be a way to attract more customers. Summer-focused promotions and offers: The words “SALE” and “Offer” are a sure-fire shopping alert. You can offer volume discounts on products, targeting this strategy to customers who want to organize outdoor events. Some strategies you can implement 2x1 on products. Pay 1 and get another for 50% less. Create combos or bundles with summer products, beach or outdoor sports items. Local alliances: A good way to promote your supermarket is to create partnerships with local businesses. Supermarket decoration:  Adapt your supermarket to the season. Organize products in strategic and visible places to generate sales. Marketing campaigns for social networks: Use the power of social networks to generate sales. Keep your WhatsApp business  active. If you want to read more about the power of social networks, this blog may interest you. Here Benefits of having social networks for your supermarket Make quality content: Stories and testimonials from satisfied customers. Promote online sweepstakes for customers to visit the store and share the shopping experience. Share recipes or content using products available in your supermarket. Promote your business with brand ambassadors, and verify that their followers match your target audience. Receive all payment methods: Make sure you have a Point of Payment System, that allows you to systematize all the information and be able to process all payment methods. If you still do not have a Point of Payment System, POS, and you are looking for one that will help you take your business to another level, at Universum we provide payment solutions to businesses, contact us and if you want to know more about this benefit, contact our sales agents at 1-888-507-6614 or visit our web page: Remember to follow us on our social networks to receive up-to-date information about us. Facebook ,   X   and  Instagram LinkedIn:   Universum

  • Meet uCapital: The best partner for your business growth

    If your business has ever found it self in a low-liquidity season and you've wished to have quick funding to invest in the improvement of several areas, this blog is for you. We present the uCapital Program, the best partner to help you grow your business. uCapital is the new program created by Universum with the purpose to aid our clients with quick access to cash , allowing them to strengthen the development of their business. The approval process is fast, flexible and requires way less paperwork than traditional banking offers. Undoubtedly, we are a strategic ally for your business and together we will achieve our growth goals. How does uCapital work? Business financing does not have to be difficult. With uCapital we want to provide you with the best financial tools to help your company. Let's see some of the benefits you will experience.   1)    Cash Advance: Our clients can have quick and easy access to this type of loan, with an approval process of 24 hours or less. Also, forget about never-ending paperwork to take the first step for your business to continue growing. 💡 Read more about cash advance in this blog 2) Working Capital: These loans are perfect for your business day-to-day operations management. The money can be used to cover expenses, inventory purchase or growth initiatives investment. 3) Equipment financing: There are no excuses when talking about obtaining the equipment needed to run your business. The financing terms for equipment purchases are flexible . Businesses need regular improvement, by analyzing the primary needs, you can successfully take advantage of the benefits of the program. Here are some ideas of areas to invest this capital: 1) Perfect for personnel management: if your company requires more skilled employees to increase productivity, you can allocate capital to hire suitable personnel and/or to inject money into the existing payroll and improve the workforce. 2) Equipment and remodeling: improve facilities and serve customers better, also purchase updated equipment to enhance productivity. 3) Invest in inventory: You will be able to invest in products that have more demand or new market requirements. 4) Logistics: Optimize the operational areas with technology, so that they are automated and errors are reduced. 5) Communication and Marketing: Invest in marketing strategies to improve brand positioning, increase sales through digital channels, use the power of social networks, and strengthen customer service. The uCapital Program has many advantages. One of the most important is the long-term and residual financing of the borrowed capital. The cash advance amounts range from 5,000 US to 150,000 US. All sectors and small businesses working with Universum, such as supermarkets, restaurants, hairdressers, or technology stores, can access the uCapital program. Let's make your business dreams a reality! After this review, we invite you to learn more about this new program and access all the information on how to apply to uCapital services . Contact our sales agents at 1-888-507-6614 or visit our website: . Also, learn more about our company, products, and/or services, through our social networks.   Facebook ,   X   and  Instagram LinkedIn:  Universum

  • The Hidden Power of Social Networks to Boost Your Business Part 2 Whatsapp Business

    The power of WhatsApp business for your business. Social networks have become the most powerful communication channel for companies to be in direct contact with their customers. The rise of messaging has strengthened direct communication between people by connecting and bringing them closer. In this blog we will talk about an instant messaging platform that has changed the way of communicating since the existence of smartphones while also constantly evolving and coming up with better features. We are talking about WhatsApp, an application that strengthens customer service and allows companies to offer solutions to consumers. What is WhatsApp, and how does it work? WhatsApp is a super easy and dynamic platform that allows to send and receive messages, calls, and video calls instantly and directly to the phone number. One of its best features is sending images, videos, audio, documents, locations, contacts, gifs, stickers, etc. Besides being the most used messaging app, its functions have evolved to the business world to give life to corporate profiles, giving you the advantage of offering direct communication with customers, both customer service and technical support. 💡Did you know that WhatsApp was created to serve as an intelligent agenda, and then it evolved into a leading instant messaging platform? What is WhatsApp Business? WhatsApp Business was born to offer even more features and its development was meant for companies looking to scale the interaction with their public and improving communication with their customers. With this application, you can generate more sales and have better results on areas like technical support. How do you achieve this? Create a business profile and start enjoying the benefits it offers. The most exciting thing is that the business version, provides better options to grow and streamline unilateral communication every day. Benefits of having WhatsApp Business in your business Companies' success is based on good customer service as well as assertive and fast communication. With WhatsApp Business, connecting and offering an unique service to the audience has never been easier. Here are just a few of the most powerful benefits of this tool. Direct communication: If your goal is to improve communication with your customers, maintaining direct communication with them allows it to be more assertive. With a corporate profile, you can use your official communication channel to make announcements and show updated information about the business. Automated messages: Goodbye to writing the same thing several times, with the corporate profile you can configure and adapt welcome messages, solve frequently asked questions with quick direct answers, saving you so much time! Receive messages from Meta Ads: You can add a link to your WhatsApp Business profile in your Meta Ads (Instagram or Facebook) to be contacted directly. Create a Product and Service Catalog: This innovative feature allows businesses to display the product or service catalog in their profile, providing information to customers without leaving the app. Now you can let your customers know about the features of your products/services and the prices. Integration with Other Tools: WhatsApp Business can be integrated with various CRM platforms and business management tools, improving operational efficiency and customer service quality. Marketing and promotions: Businesses can use WhatsApp Business to send updates, promotions, and special offers to their customers, which helps increase customer loyalty and drive sales. Boost your business sales: With this tool, businesses can send personalized updates, offers, and promotions to their customers. With over 2 billion users and powerful content, you can boost your sales through this platform. In addition, you can encourage communication through your WhatsApp, from your social networks, website, store, and emails to customers. This way, customers can start conversation by sending a message to your company. Privacy: It is a secure tool, all messages are protected by the same encryption protocol, which keeps messages protected from the moment they are sent until they are delivered to the final recipient . Only you and the end user can read the contents in the conversation. Exploring the functions of WhatApp business allows you to create marketing and communication strategies to encourage customer loyalty. In short, WhatsApp Business optimizes communication and customer service while offering innovative tools to drive sales and strengthen the relationship with consumers as well. Leveraging these features allows businesses to adapt to today's market demands and build a solid foundation for success. We hope this blog has given you an in-depth understanding of the power of WhatsApp Business for your business - don't miss our next blog, where we'll explore another innovative social network that can transform the way you connect with your audience! Universum's customer service: walking hand in hand with quality. Universum has several communication channels where customers can contact us and have access to information. Our main line for calls and WhatsApp is 1-888-507-6614. Our team is always available to provide solutions. We also have enabled other means of communication such as email and social networks. If you wish to know the benefits of being our client, please visit our website: Don't forget to follow us on social media: Facebook, X and Instagram LinkedIn: Universum

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    FLEXIBLE POS SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR BUSINESS GET A QUOTE MORE INFO POWERFUL & RELIABLE THE MONEY SAVER Quote Now A10 THE ULTIMATE LUXURY EXPERIENCE Design for Restaurants and Retail Store LEARN MORE Quote Now A15 VERSATILE FAST STRONG LEARN MORE Quote Now T52 GET ULTIMATE ADDONS BOOST YOUR SALES Quote Now LEARN MORE WHY UNIVERSUM Easy! Looks good and performs better, and can be adapted to any situation Real-time inventory management E-commerce integration Powerful Reporting Expert advice 24/7 Flexible payment options 1 on 1 onboarding Quote Now Reasons why we are best For Restaurant POS Table and kitchen management Realtime analytics and reports Staff management Expert advice 1 on 1 onboarding Quote Now UNIVERSUM Vs OTHERS Quote Now UNLIMITED SUPPORT Our team has restaurant and groceries experience and what is best, all of our products Includes Support 24/7 via phone. CALL US Quote Now

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    WE BELIEVE IN TRANSPARENT & AFFORDABLE, PRICING Competitive rates and no fine print or complicate contracts, No hidden Fees, No additional markups or extras fees ever. CHOOSE THE PLAN WHICH BEST FITS FOR YOUR BUSINESS Cash Discount Traditional Custom Cash Discount Pricing $29.00 Flat Fee 4% surcharge 1 Free Pin Pad Debit/Pin Debit Fee’s: .15 Basis Points and .15 cents per transaction EBT .08 cents per transaction TALK WITH OUR EXPERTS *Disclaimer: Pricing terms may change based on volume and other factors. How we differ from others? Support Include 24/7 Support via phone. Services Restaurant and groceries team live support. Technical expert that can tailor your system to your business. Remote or on-site implementation option. Training Integrative webinars and trainings FAQ and Training videos online resource. Early access to new products and ability to provide feedback. Subscribe now to receive the latest news about EWIC and Universum Empower your grocery retail store! Full Name Phone Number Email State Select State Thank you for subscribing! Boost your business with EWIC & UNIVERSUM >

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