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Customer service, the key to more sales

A happy client is your best reference.

Good customer service is essential for business success, a satisfied customer is a customer who buys again and becomes an influencer of your brand in front of potential customers. Companies must invest in offering quality customer service and constant improvement in processes and effective solutions to the needs of their consumers.

What’s customer service?

It is the process through which a company executes actions to satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers, loyalty programs are implemented, attention and solution of concerns as well as claims and product returns are guaranteed in a simple, fast and effective way.

Characteristics of a Good customer service

Establishing good customer service is a factor that enhances your company makes it stand out. Here we mention five (5) ways in which you can improve this subject.

Client reception: The tone of voice is important, the way in which customers are welcomed and received must always be formal and respectful, both in person and through digital media.

Assistance: Your customer service team must have extensive knowledge of the products or services that the company offers, in order to provide advice and recommendations to your customers in an appropriate manner.

Needs and trouble shooting: Listen to your customers so you can identify their needs. Ask questions and/or surveys to study them and their environment. Address their problems quickly and efficiently.

Follow-up: Make sure that your client has been satisfied with the solution to their issues. Establish a communication strategy where you can interact with your customers and summarize their reactions. Some ways you can follow up with your customers are:

•Schedule phone calls.

•Carry out check-up and follow-up visits.

•Include polls and questions on your social media.

•Share news or tips of common interest to get feedback on what your customers think.

Loyalty: Create an emotional and positive bond with your client! Loyalty is getting them to trust your brand or company and become promoters of it. Creating great experiences increases your sales and generates spontaneous referral marketing.

A loyalty program allows you to:

• Strengthen the relationship between the brand and customers.

• Generate commitment to the brand.

• Create value of products and services.

• Create purposeful and personalized promotions and discounts.

Communication channels for a good customer service

Every company must have communication channels through which its customers can access to personalized attention. There should be effective communication in person, telephone or through digital media, to provide clear and precise information about products and/or services. The key is to have availability through different channels and have the service provided with quality and proactiveness.

Telephone: Telephone lines must always be enabled for they allow direct and personalized communication with the client. The customer service team must handle a respectful and formal communication protocol.

E-mail: Through this resource the client can communicate effectively and clearly, describing their problems in more depth and add photos or documents that show what’s required.

Online chat: through this channel, customers can communicate with customer service personnel in real time. It provides direct and instant communication.

Instant Messaging: Instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, among others, have become a very popular channel for customer service, since they provide ground for a more direct and personalized communication.

Social Media: They enable two-way communication with users and help to build an online community. Create content that promotes interaction with your audience and highlights customer satisfaction. This is very important, because it can influence the client’s loyalty towards your brand. The way they perceive their experience with your product, service or process will be a determining factor in their recommendation.

How to improve customer satisfaction?

  • Offering quality products

  • Reducing waiting time.

  • Offering efficient assistance.

Recommendations for supermarkets and retail stores

One way to have excellent customer service in supermarkets and retail stores is by using a Point of Sale system that makes it easier for the employees to serve the clients effectively and quickly.

In addition to this, having technological tools in your business, such as price checkers that allow them to verify what they are buying and save time and queues. Another recommendation is to have different forms of payment so as not to lose sales: Accept credit, debit or EBT cards. If you want to know more about card processing check this blog.

Meeting the expectations of your customers and having a good product helps you generate sales, but it is important to walk the extra mile and t start creating a bond that keeps customers loyal.

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