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You need this tool in your business now!

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Transform your business and improve your experience with your clients.

The experience of the client with the service and/or product, the attention provided and the strategies that encourage them to purchase, have been the most important components to reach the goal to power up businesses and generate more sales.

Counting with the technology that facilitates growth and perfectionates business performance, it’s a challenge that businesspeople face, which is why they should understand how to make the most of it.

POS Systems integrate different devices that make internal process execution simple. In this publication, we want to emphasize a very particular one, the Price Checker, a tool that has become a right hand and a purchase booster for clients.

What’s a price checker for?

It is meant to improve the purchase experience and save time!

8 reasons to do it

Up next, we tell you (8) reasons to have a Price Checker linked to your Point of Sales (POS):

1) Simplify processes: The client can consult the price on their own as well as the description and offers related to a product by just placing the bar code close to the reader, improving the purchase experience in your store.

2) Saving time: Consulting the price doesn’t imply going to the register and waiting for the cashier to give you the info required anymore.

2) Easy installation: These devices can be installed in strategic places in the store, clients can access them and consult the price easily. It’s not complicated and with a simple network wire it’s ready to work.

3) Connectivity: Implementing a price-checking system doesn’t require a big investment and it can be easily linked to your POS system.

4) Minimize margin of error: Price checkers are exact and errors tend to be uncommon.

5) Purchase control: The client can have control over their selection to purchase, minimizing indecision and returning products at the register.

6) Promotions: Allows the client to know product promotions allowing the business to load advertisements designed for the customer.

Avoid doubts, if what you really desire is for your business to level up, check which are the processes that improve sales and customer service.

You can have all these benefits for $479.99

More info on this here.

Do it first! Don’t wait for the competition to do it.

At Universum, we offer this super device as complementary accessories. If you want more info about the advantages of having one in your business, contact your sales agent at +1-888-507-6614.

You can also visit our web page: and follow all our content at.


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