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Grow your business by building an online presence

Technology has come a long way and with it the behavior and preferences of customers. Companies increasingly need to have visibility and participation in the digital field. This medium has become a necessary and complementary way to achieve the objectives of companies and position their brands in the competitive market.

Do you have a business and don’t know how to have an online presence to boost your sales and achieve brand recognition?

In this blog, we are going to show you a few ways to do it, so you can grow with your community and attract more clients through effective communication.

The first step you must complete is to define your objective. What do you want to achieve by having a presence on the Internet?

Being specific about this will help you create a strategy that works.

What actions could you take to have a presence?

There is a lot of information about this, but choosing the best strategy that suits your business style will guarantee the desired results.

Next, we will give you five (5) tips to start your online presence.

Create a website: It is the most efficient way to have an online presence and it is the main information channel for your customers to learn about services and/or products offered by your company. A web page should have valuable information such as: The vision, mission, and company values, you can also generate forms, chats, and user service emails that will be of great help to collect data from your customers and thus create future marketing strategies. Make sure your domain is related to your company’s name.

Have these four (4) important details in mind for your website:

• Make sure you optimize your website for search engines (SEO).

• Make it easy to navigate

• Use keywords for your content.

• Make sure that the user can see your content on their cell phone.

Create a blog:

Your website can be a great window of visibility for your brand. Create a blog section where you can share important and current content for your customers, such as brand-related news, tips and product/service support guides. This strategy is a great hook with which you will attract website visitors who can become potential customers.


• Create content of value and interest to your audience.

Make use of Social Media: The impulse that is achieved through social media is not a secret. There are many with which you can interact with your audience and promote content focused on your brand, your products and/or services. It is a direct channel of communication where you can provide information to your followers, such as promotions or information of general interest. The best-known and used platforms are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok and WhatsApp Business. Do an analysis of each one and start creating quality content to gain followers and potential customers.

Social media is a perfect hook to gain visibility, through them you can make organic content, pay for advertising and run contests focused on your audience. You can also make agreements and strategies with brand influencers that will help you grow.

Customer service through digital platforms: Build a customer service plan to implement it on digital platforms, the online reputation of a company is important to its success. This way you can monitor the opinions and comments of clients, always trying to propose the best solution to conflicts.

Implement Email marketing: Previously, collect the data of your followers or customers. You can achieve important content aimed at your audience with this tool and connect with them.

Do you know the benefits of having an online presence for your company?

Having a presence on the internet guarantees several benefits, such as:

Reach a broad target audience: Your company gains visibility and can transcend the physical reach and connect with different audience groups.

Brand creation and identity: Strengthen your brand and achieve positive identification in your audience.

Opportunities to do business: Through online presence, you can attract potential customers and business partners to your company, stand out in your field and generate more income.

Build Community: You can build relationships with your followers and potential customers. Interacting with your audience allows you to build a community where your business interests are connected. In addition, you can generate a sense of belonging and loyalty to your company and/or brand.

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