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Know how your sales perform and create strategies

If you want a complete and detailed vision of your business sales, we are here to inform you about one of the most powerful features of Universum’s Point of Sales system: the generation of sales reports. These provide you with quantitative reports on sales behavior and serve as a point of reference to make decisions and make the operations around your company more efficient. The main benefit is that it facilitates the management of your marketing team and your sales team.

To dig deeper into this topic, let's start by answering the following question:

What is a sales report?

A sales report is a report generated by a Point of Sales System, that enables companies to collect and understand their sales data which also allows them to make a detailed analysis of sales transactions and helps to create effective business strategies to optimally manage business operations.

Why is a sales report useful in your company?

A sales report provides important data and analysis related to sales transactions. Here we highlight a few:

• Sales report: You get exact information on the sales made. You can examine the effectiveness of overall sales, sales by product or category, and sales by employee. This data will help you understand which products are selling the most and you can identify areas for improvement.

• Inventory management: Businesses can manage their inventories effectively. Knowing which products are selling more and which are not. This information is vital to know what’s in stock.

• Staff assessment: Companies can assess the performance of their sales staff by providing data on individual sales, average transaction value, and conversion rates.

• Financial analysis: Allow your team to do a financial analysis through reports that include information on benefits received, income generated, as well as other indications that can help you decide whether the sales techniques put into place have been sufficient or whether they need to be adjusted in order to fulfill the established goals.

• Compliance with regulatory requirements: By collecting the necessary information, you can meet the legal requirements established by the country and avoid legal issues and penalties. This guarantees the transparency of commercial operations.

Do you know how often you can receive reports from your company?

Your company can receive three types of reports:

• Daily sales report: It is the fastest way to monitor the behavior of your sales and the activities carried out by your team and your potential customers.

• Weekly sales report: It is perfect for knowing the productivity and results of your work team, it will also reveal any issues so that you can solve them on time.

• Monthly sales report: In this report, you determine a global balance on your company's sales, in order to know if the objectives set and the desired conversion rate are being achieved.

What are the benefits offered by Universum's POS reports?

Easy and intuitive interface: Universum provides an easy-to-use interface that simplifies the process of generating and analyzing POS reports. It offers you intuitive navigation that will allow your business to feed from the information it needs.

Comprehensive reporting: Universum gives you a wide range of reporting options, allowing businesses to generate detailed reports on sales, inventory, customer behavior, and financial data. This reporting functionality provides a holistic view of business operations.

Data analysis: Universum's analytical tools allow companies to dig deeper into their sales data. It offers advanced analytics and data visualization features, allowing businesses to identify trends, patterns, and opportunities for improvement. This analyzed data will help you make the best decisions to increase profitability.

Also, with the new 8.0 update, you will receive a detailed report on your sales directly to your email.

Technical support and adaptation of features: Universum is designed to adapt to the needs of every business. In addition, it provides technical support to the client, in a reliable and effective way.

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