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Meet uCapital: The best partner for your business growth

If your business has ever found it self in a low-liquidity season and you've wished to have quick funding to invest in the improvement of several areas, this blog is for you.

We present the uCapital Program, the best partner to help you grow your business.

uCapital is the new program created by Universum with the purpose to aid our clients with quick access to cash, allowing them to strengthen the development of their business. The approval process is fast, flexible and requires way less paperwork than traditional banking offers.

Undoubtedly, we are a strategic ally for your business and together we will achieve our growth goals.

How does uCapital work?

Business financing does not have to be difficult. With uCapital we want to provide you with the best financial tools to help your company. Let's see some of the benefits you will experience.


1)    Cash Advance: Our clients can have quick and easy access to this type of loan, with an approval process of 24 hours or less. Also, forget about never-ending paperwork to take the first step for your business to continue growing.

💡 Read more about cash advance in this blog

2) Working Capital: These loans are perfect for your business day-to-day operations management. The money can be used to cover expenses, inventory purchase or growth initiatives investment.

3) Equipment financing: There are no excuses when talking about obtaining the equipment needed to run your business. The financing terms for equipment purchases are flexible.

Businesses need regular improvement, by analyzing the primary needs, you can successfully take advantage of the benefits of the program.

Here are some ideas of areas to invest this capital:

1) Perfect for personnel management: if your company requires more skilled employees to increase productivity, you can allocate capital to hire suitable personnel and/or to inject money into the existing payroll and improve the workforce.

2) Equipment and remodeling: improve facilities and serve customers better, also purchase updated equipment to enhance productivity.

3) Invest in inventory: You will be able to invest in products that have more demand or new market requirements.

4) Logistics: Optimize the operational areas with technology, so that they are automated and errors are reduced.

5) Communication and Marketing: Invest in marketing strategies to improve brand positioning, increase sales through digital channels, use the power of social networks, and strengthen customer service.

The uCapital Program has many advantages. One of the most important is the long-term and residual financing of the borrowed capital. The cash advance amounts range from 5,000 US to 150,000 US.

All sectors and small businesses working with Universum, such as supermarkets, restaurants, hairdressers, or technology stores, can access the uCapital program. Let's make your business dreams a reality!

After this review, we invite you to learn more about this new program and access all the information on how to apply to uCapital services. Contact our sales agents at 1-888-507-6614 or visit our website:

Also, learn more about our company, products, and/or services, through our social networks.


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