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Take your business to another level with loyalty programs!

Are you ready to take your company to the next level and watch your sales skyrocket? Companies can now strengthen their relationships with their customers by collecting key information that allows them to drive sales through loyalty programs. These programs not only help you better understand your customers, but they also increase your company's profitability and competitiveness in the market. Learn how to strengthen these connections and achieve sales success.

What are loyalty programs?

These are commercial strategies used by businesses to satisfy the needs of their customers by providing incentives and rewarding them for their loyalty. However, the primary goal is to obtain specific information to develop commercial strategies based on it.

Following that, we will discuss some programs that, if implemented, could benefit your business. Remember that selecting one or more will be determined by your company's goals and the preferences of your customers.

Membership programs: It is a perfect hook to attract monthly or annual clients. Offering them to be members of a loyalty program, that will grant them access to special benefits: such as promotions, free shipping, and exclusive content, among others.

Points programs: These programs are the most common in restaurants, supermarkets, and other retail stores. It consists of customers earning points for the purchases they make and then can redeem them for products, discounts, among others.

· Loyalty cards: Customers receive loyalty cards that record their purchases. After accumulating a certain value of purchases, they earn rewards, such as discounts or gifts.

· Discounts for frequent purchases: Programs aimed at rewarding frequent purchases. Example: after several purchases, you receive a free product.

Referral program: Strategies to gain more clients, existing clients receive rewards for referring new clients.

Mobile applications: Businesses use their applications as a hook to attract more customers, offering exclusive offers and discounts to customers. These, in turn, are useful for studying buyer behavior.

Exclusive events: Businesses can organize exclusive events for loyal customers, such as pre-sales, product launches, preferential sales, among others.

• “Thank you” programs: Include in your strategies programs where you thank your customers for their loyalty. Taking into account their birthdays, special seasons, such as Christmas or simply after a purchase.

Why is it important for companies to have a loyalty program?

Apart from knowing your customers better and expanding the sales market, there are several reasons that add value to your company.

• Satisfied customers: Maintaining the loyalty of existing customers is a challenge and is sometimes more profitable than acquiring new ones.

• Sales increase: Loyalty programs can motivate customers to buy more frequently, to receive the benefits offered by companies. It can also be a differentiator from the competition.

Recommendations: A satisfied and happy customer is the best letter of recommendation for a company. This would generate more new customers through referral programs.

Customer data: The most valuable thing about loyalty programs is the collection of customer data, preferences and behaviors. If you know who your customer is, you can personalize promotions and satisfy their needs.

Optimization of customer service: It is evident that one of the main benefits of loyalty programs is to improve the customer experience, thereby guaranteeing the coverage of their needs as a consumer.

Long-term relationships: The objective is to maintain long-term relationships with consumers and obtain an income flow that provides stability to the business.

Immediate feedback: Through loyalty programs, businesses can receive direct feedback from their customers, allowing them to create strategies for product and/or service improvement.

Advertising methods for Loyalty Programs

E-mail marketing campaigns: These are effective communication tools to build customer loyalty in which you can offer the following content:

Exclusive offers or discounts for your loyalty.

Communication of rewards programs: Promote loyalty programs through email. Encourage customers to join or participate in the program to earn additional rewards and benefits.

• Offer relevant company content in your emails, you can also communicate information related to your products or services.

Personalized emails: You provide a valuable experience to your customers.

Feedback: Ask your customers for their opinions on their shopping experience and how you can improve.

Automation: Use automation as important reminders, such as birthdays, and your business’ anniversary, among others.

Text messages: Use text messages to send information about special promotions and thank you messages.

Design of exclusive applications: If you create an exclusive application for your business, you can manage and create special offers through it for your customers, prioritize purchases made through it and promote its frequent use.

Universum’s loyalty plan

Universum has a Referral Plan that you, as a customer, can access and start enjoying. Belonging to this plan generates additional profits, such as free service plans and economic benefits for each recommended client.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today, you can check out our website: to find out about all of our benefits. On the other hand, if you prefer personalized attention, our sales agents at +1-978-416-9964 are trained to serve you optimally, in English or Spanish.

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