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Tips to increase sales during the holiday season:

We are in the last month of the year and the expectations of commercial establishments are aimed at increasing their sales. Owners and employees begin to implement commercial strategies as well as marketing and advertising campaigns to publicize the company and its products. The end-of-the-year holidays evoke feelings and family ties. Gifts, outings and special reunions are part of the routine and are the perfect excuse for consumers to buy more than usual.

This time brings with it new opportunities to obtain new and more clients that allow business positioning and increased sales during high consumption dates.

How to retain customers and increase your sales:

During the holidays, customers are willing to spend more money on gifts and special products. The great challenge is to create strategies that allow that shopping experience to be unique.

Get a POS system: Optimize and systematize your business, get an effective Point of Sales System that allows you to easily carry out inventories, make sales reports and keep track of your business.

Promotions: Offering discounts is key. Create exclusive packages and gifts to attract consumers. In addition to thematic promotion strategies according to the season, such as Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and/or Christmas.

Payment methods: Make sure you cover all customers, offering them a wide variety of payment methods.

Reward your customer's loyalty: You can do this by offering gifts with each purchase, there is nothing that attracts more attention than receiving free things. Give visibility to this promotional campaign on your business's social networks or website.

Promote new products: Promote new products that will go on sale during the holidays. Launch them with special offers or free trials.

Implement gift cards or vouchers: This is a payment instrument created by commercial establishments that allows the person who receives it to purchase a product according to the amount recorded on the card. They are perfect for persuading consumers and attracting the attention of new customers who do not know what to gift; this way you are providing an additional option while securing sales in your business.

Implement free shipping for purchases: Offer free shipping depending on the purchase amount made by customers to encourage online sales.

Create an email marketing campaign: Implement a personalized campaign with your clients. Detailing offers and promotions according to the season, including promotions that are not available to the general public or in physical stores.

Why trust your business to Universum?

Our software and hardware solutions are a great ally for your business growth, improving the customer experience and strengthening your sales in an orderly and effective way.

Our benefits

At Universum, we offer high-quality equipment, that adapts to any business, at affordable prices. In addition, it offers integration with Quickbooks so you can run your accounting processes smoothly. Lastly, we’ve integrated up-to-date payment methods that allow you to offer various options of payment to your clients (cash, debit cards, credit cards, EBT cards and WIC program cards).

If you want to learn more about our benefits and services, do not hesitate to contact your sales agent at +1-978-416-9964 or visit the website: Don't forget to follow our social media:

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