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Transforming your business with the magic of Artificial Intelligence

With 2024, companies are experiencing new obstacles that challenge many traditional views and methods, especially with the arrival of Artificial Intelligence (AI), an alternative that has been created to transform company operations, the decision-making process and how the most complex tasks are carried out, all while enhancing their value in customer service.


Technology and the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has created a need for all companies that desire to optimize their processes and personalize experiences between their employees and their clients, with a growth of more than 40% of its popularity, it is guaranteeing the evolution of businesses through operational efficiency, thus making a big difference in the market.


In this blog, we will discuss the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it can help generate more value in companies, and guarantee success and transformation,  but before starting with a list of benefits of AI, let’s define it.


What is artificial intelligence (AI)?


“It is a discipline within computer science and engineering that aims to develop intelligent systems, capable of learning and adapting, while taking human intelligence as a reference”


💡In simple terms, they are intelligent operating systems that support business processes performing tasks and solving problems, like any other employee.


The benefits of using AI to improve company operations have had a great impact in how we live and work, providing quality solutions and minimizing delivery times.


Benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI)


24/7 Availability: An intelligent system that works without interruptions at any time of the day.


Ease of communication: Improves communication in companies' digital environments, providing tools such as video conferencing, messaging applications and chatbots, which adapt to purchasing preferences. Companies can provide advice and technical support to more people, at various points.


Automation: Saves time and work since it helps perform repetitive tasks that require more time than usual.


Decision making: Reduce human errors! Based on data analysis on customer preferences, it helps companies make decisions to improve conversion rates.


Client recomendations: Conduct an analysis and promote recommendations based on the most consistent interests and habits of clients.


Mixed Reality: Allows you to understand the shopping experience through product visualizations.


Sensory technology: Facial recognition and product search through images.


Completing the functions performed in a company with artificial intelligence (AI) strategies to sell more is a great challenge for optimization and growth, which will make the difference in achieving business objectives, with data provided through it, Entrepreneurs can anticipate and learn more about their customers' needs to make crucial and assertive decisions.


Implement Artificial Intelligence to sell more


With the creation of artificial intelligence, the commercial field has undergone great evolution. It has been of great help in creating strategies that allow us to know more about our clients and give us the means to reach out right on time, with the right product.


What artificial intelligence tools are effective in sales?


Chatbots: What can they do?

- Answer frequently asked questions.

- Capture data.

- Perform transactions.

- Remember user/ customer preferences.

- Suggest related products, etc.


Automation: Creating sales platforms with automated processes, avoiding long hours of manual work.


Predictive analytics: Recommendations based on predictive analytics. This translates to sales reps making better decisions and creating effective sales strategies.


Tools for potential customer selection: With the use of algorithms that facilitate follow-ups to potential customers and lead selection, enabling conversion rates.


Marketing personalization: Companies can use AI to create targeted content, automated copywriting and personalized campaigns.


If you haven't yet incorporated strategies that include artificial intelligence into your business, now is the time to try it out. By automating daily tasks, employees will be able to focus on more creative and competitive activities in the market.


Why is Universum's POS system the best choice for business success?


You will know how much you sell in real time! With this data you can create business strategies that strengthen your company and improve the customer experience, combine it with the help of artificial intelligence and watch your business grow.


Universum's offer


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