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The Hidden Power of Social Media to Boost Your Business Part 1

If you have ever thought that social networks are only for entertainment, you will be surprised to discover the great benefits they can offer to your business management. The potential of social networks is wide and powerful so, to know they are becoming the main channel for companies to publicize their products and services, is not a big surprise. Through marketing strategies and content creation, social networks foster business growth and brand recognition, which translates into increased sales. Social media success depends on strategic and effective management, allowing you to achieve your desired goals and take your business to the next level. Learn how to achieve it with our blog series, where we will teach you everything you need to boost your business.

Every day a new social network is born and knowing which one brings the most value to your business becomes a challenge. Different audiences interact with them and the content may vary, although in the end, they have similar objectives: brand recognition, providing information about the business, getting more customers, connecting with users, and the most direct objective, generating sales.

💡 What is a social network? It is a digital communication tool that connects communities with common interests and activities. In real time, users share information through text, photos, audio, and videos.

How companies take advantage of the potential of social media?


  • Official business communication: One of the most important advantages of social networks is the ease with which companies can share information about products and/or services, increasing the visibility of businesses through corporate profiles that allow them to connect with new customers and potential buyers. The best part is that each business can share the information it considers most relevant and wants its public to know.

  • Connect with users: Without the right platforms to keep your customers connected with the business, providing them with daily information, where in addition to being informed, they can also generate entertaining content. This will depend on the content strategy that the communications area wants to implement.

  • Establish commercial relationships: Social networks have become channels to offer purchase and sales of services and/or products. Take advantage of the business tools that these platforms have.

  • Analysis and measurement of the results of the strategies implemented: Each social network has its own analysis tool, with which you can receive valuable information on the interest generated during the implementation of marketing strategies, through them you get user interaction knowledge, post's behaviour and audience growth.

  • Promotional posts: Offer benefits to followers on social networks, it is the perfect platform to announce offers or discounts when generating content.

At Universum, we give you tips on how to manage your business's social networks correctly

To create social networks for your business should be a well-thought-out and structured decision. The first thing every business owner should do is set a goal to achieve through them and have specialized staff to advise them on how to manage these networks properly. These platforms are perfect for boosting and generating sales as well as being very useful for brand recognition and attracting potential customers, everything depends on the marketing strategy and content you want to implement.

  • Select the right social network for your business: There are different target audiences.  Businesses carry out some research to understand their social media content consumer. Currently, some networks are more famous than others, but not all of them achieve the same objectives. We recommend you explore: WhatsApp business, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn. Remember to make use of their business tools.

  • Create an interesting profile: Your business profile should reflect our store's identity. Make your biography and contact information stand out. Write in it what you offer and what you do. Don't forget to highlight your website.

  • Quality content: Designing a content strategy for social networks is a priority. Don't make it all about your business info, you can also cover current issues that connect with your audience, to get more visibility and possibly more followers. Creating content is now much easier thanks to Artificial Intelligence, AI.

  • Customer service: Make your contact numbers, website, and other main social media users visible. Use technology to automate the customer service process in social networks, the most used tool in these cases is chatbots, which answer frequently asked questions from users on your website or social networks instantly. This will allow you to provide immediate attention.

Don't miss our next posts, where we will be revealing valuable tips and tricks to get the most out of each social network. With our exclusive guides and strategies, you'll discover how to transform your company's online presence and reach success levels you never imagined. This is your opportunity to learn from experts and level up your business. Take advantage of all the potential that social networks have to offer to your business, we assure you that you won't want to miss the next blog!

As previously said on past blog entries, Universum has enabled its communication channels, such as customer service lines, email, chats, and social networks, to provide information to our customers and give them timely solutions.

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