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The Importance of customer feedback to improve your business

The success of any business is to offer quality products or services, but there is also great value in the way it can connect with the consumer and understand their expectations and needs, allowing it to be a reference and create a feeling of identity that brings loyalty with it. When a company is based on the feedback of its customers as a tool to improve and grow, it can strengthen its commercial strategies so that its product always meets market needs.

In this blog, we highlight the importance of client-business interaction and the transformational potential of feedback in developing business a plan and vision that ultimately lead to happy customers.

What does a company's customer feedback consist of?

It consists of the collection of data that allows us to know the customer’s perception of the business and the products or services it offers. This information is acquired through opinions, comments, and experiences that customers can share through different communication channels, such as websites, social networks, or telephone calls.

When a corporation conducts a customer analysis, it gains a broad vision of consumer preferences concerning products. Said vision can be prioritized when assessing and identifying various elements to improve and understand market demands. This can help make decisions and strengthen sales strategies and customer loyalty relationships, demonstrating that the business and its staff give value to the opinions generated.

How can feedback help significantly improve your business?

Customer’s voice: Analyze the customer's perception of their needs and expectations. Understand that a comment can be precise information that helps you define what is going well or not and what aspects of the business need to be managed or improved.

Turning criticism into opportunities to improve: Take criticism or bad comments about the product and/or service as opportunities to correct and move forward. Provide solutions to your clients, so that your company stands out as a differentiating and innovative business.

Collection and strategic use of Feedback: Create a feedback-collecting method from your clients for information. This method must guarantee you can use that information to create improvement strategies. Basing your commercial strategies on it is key for business growth.

More connection with customers: It is the opportunity to strengthen relationships with customers. Demonstrate their opinions matter by responding to comments, offering solutions, and letting them know that suggestions that provide customer satisfaction are being implemented.

How to collect customer feedback?

There are several ways to collect customer feedback and directly review their opinion about the business's products and services:

• Social Networks: Customers can share their opinions through comments made on the company's social networks, forms, or emails, as well as through a conversation with a commercial agent. In addition, you can analyze the interactions on different social networks, such as likes, shared posts, or comments.

• Satisfaction surveys: You can learn about the customer's experience and perception through these surveys.

• Experience reviews: Some clients usually write reviews on digital platforms such as Google and on different social networks. By monitoring them you can have a balance of which have been positive and which have been negative and thus obtain a report on the consumer's perception.

• Data analysis: Marketing tools can be used to measure and track various aspects of client behavior, including conversion rates, interactions, and the amount of time spent on the website.

Communication channels

Companies must know what their customers think about the products and services they offer, which is why they must create different communication channels that allow their interaction with departments and employees.

Below, we reference some of the most used:

WEB Page: This is a communication channel that provides customers with information about the company, in addition to direct online interaction. It provides the brand’s identity and may include the history, vision, mission, and policies of a company. Add sales or complaint and suggestion forms.

E-mail: Through this tool, there is direct communication between the company and customers. It is ideal for receiving claims or complaints and carrying out informative and advertising email campaigns that are aimed at consumers on specific and festive dates on the calendar.

Instant Messaging: Currently there are several tools to connect companies and their clients, the best known is WhatsApp Business.

Social Networks: These platforms are ideal for showcasing the company's brand and products. They are sales and promotion channels. To manage a company's social networks, there must be a marketing and communications team that reflects the brand identity and develops quality content for consumers. The most popular currently are Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, among others.

Surveys and Feedback: Tools that allow the collection of opinions and customer perception in different aspects of the company.

In conclusion, feedback is the path that all businesses must follow to obtain an indicator of customer satisfaction and loyalty and create tools to begin strategies that strengthen processes.

How does Universum collect feedback from its clients?

Universum has enabled its communication channels, such as customer service lines, email, chats, and social networks, where it constantly reads and analyzes the comments, complaints, or concerns of its customers, to provide them with timely solutions and enhance commercial strategies—taking as reference the information provided by them. This information has served as a basis to improve the customer experience with the equipment and the software by changing and/or adding new functionalities that they have required in their business to continue their growth process.

It also maintains communication with its clients by conducting satisfaction surveys that allow it to know the users' perception of the POS System and also provide info to create effective solutions.

If you want to know the benefits of Universum’s POS System and services, contact our sales agents at +1-978-416-9964 or visit our website: Don’t forget to follow our social media:

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