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Protect your business: Learn how to detect and prevent cash fraud.

Do you work with cash in your business? Don't risk it! Learn to detect and prevent fraud with these simple steps and ensure the safety of your money. Discover how Universum gives you peace of mind in your operations.

Although transactions through credit and debit cards have gained more confidence and use when paying for a product, cash is still the most common way to receive payments in businesses.

Handling cash is the easiest way to guarantee money on your hands, but you may be at risk of fraud, loss, or theft in sales. To receive your payments, you must do it in an organized way and the best way to do it is by implementing a POS System. With this tool, you can keep track and have the sales on record, no matter if the transaction is carried out with cash or any other payment methods.

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Learn to take control of your cash with these simple steps:

Keep track of sales with a POS system that allows you to register all your sales and helps tracking the cash received as well.

Your inventory under control: Avoid theft or cash loss due to sales record errors. With the POS System, you keep an updated record of the products you have sold, plus their availability.

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Integrated cash drawers: have control over the opening and closing of the box where the money is kept. Also, you can control who manipulates the cash that comes in and goes out. It is also important to have more than one cash register and security covers, here we recommend an option.

Instant sales reports: Through the reports, you may know more details about sales made and your customers. In addition, you'll be able to identify any errors and make the respective comparisons between the products sold and the transactions carried out.

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Recommendations to guarantee the security of your cash payments

Scuring money is the objective of every business, the security and confidence provided by the POS System in use, is essential for all its operations, however, other processes are also important and guarantee good operational management.

These are some recommendations to enable your business to flow properly.

• Trained personnel: The personnel that manages the POS must be competent and trained to carry out the procedures that guarantee security in handling cash. In addition, they must know how to verify the authenticity of the money received and avoid counterfeit bills.

• Secure Cash Drawer: The cash drawer must always be closed, locked, and only opened when making transactions or counting money. Also, when money requires counting, it must be done in a secure and private location.

• Periodic counts: Performs periodic counts to verify that the money received and registered on the POS matches the cash counted at the cash register. This way you can identify money differences and take steps to correct them.

• Updated POS: Updated POS software guarantees the safety of your processes.

Universum gives you security in the management of your cash

Making transactions with our POS system is secure, employees with a personalized access code are the only ones able to open the register. Business owners can verify cash payment entries and use camera to monitor the transactions made.

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