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Track your business growth: Sales Reports

Can you picture owning a bodega or store and not being aware of the sales status? There's more to properly running this kind of business than just selling goods and getting paid for them. Doing a sales analysis is a critical task for businesses because it enables them to create commercial strategies that will help them make the right decisions and increase their profitability in a competitive market.

Top tip on proper business management: For starters, getting a Point of Sales System (POS) should be a priority to help you systematize all of the supermarket's operations. If you already have it, then you must explore how to use the tool to your advantage.

Many owners and/or supermarket managers are unaware of the informative power of making a sales report properly, in this blog we will give you a broad idea of its importance and how you to generate them.

Let's start from scratch!

What is a sales report?

A sales report is the collection of data specific to a business's commercial activities. Details of the transactions made (cash and/or cards) and the sales performance of a business. This information becomes the guide to identifying opportunities to improve and achieve a successful business, which also allows for the team’s performance improvement.

What is the best strategy to generate a successful sales report? To acquire a Point of Sales System (POS) for your business.

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What can you achieve by generating a good sales report?

Woman reading a Sales Report

  • Follow up on financial performance.

  • Know sales behavior during the day, month, and year.

  • Identify if you are getting the expected results with your current commercial strategy and/or if it’s necessary to make changes.

  • Identify product demand and customer preferences.

  • Know if you are meeting your sales objectives.

  • Perform an analysis to determine marketing strategies, offers and prices that will improve the overall profitability of the supermarket.


In the daily life of supermarkets, different information structures can be studied with sales reports, the following are the most common.

A complete report on the company's sales can provide the following data:


  • Sales performance: Access to a summary of sales by periods: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly.

  • Inventory control: Know the status of product inventory and identify customer purchasing trends.

  • Transaction summary: A report of transactions by filtered by payment method (Cash, debit and/or credit card, government program cards).

  • Profit and loss: To have a view of the company's financial performance.

  • Customer purchasing behavior: Greater control of income and expenses.


Universum and its sales reports power.

Universum's Point of Sales System (POS) is a powerful tool to organize and monitor all the operations that take place within your business. It is a great ally for inventories, transactions and reports. You have the option to systematize every process and be able to run them easily and securely, whenever you need to take commercial actions on the supermarket or bodega.

On the reports subject, it provides great support with the summaries of daily, weekly and annual sales, gain knowledge on the amount of transactions and the payment method used for each one of them.

💡 Our POS has an integration feature with QuickBooks Online, which makes accounting processes even smoother for those already working with that app.

Click on the image to know more about Universum/Quickbooks

Step by Step

How to access sales reports with Universum's POS system?

  • Enter your startup password.

  • Click on the reports button (It is the button between inventory and configuration).

  • On the screen you will see different buttons, click on the one you are interested in.


These are the on-screen options:


  • Daily employee reports.

  • Cost of sold goods report by item category.

  • Sales summary

  • Revenue report by category

  • Revenue report by themed category

  • Shift cash report

  • Inventory Cash Report

  • Perishables Report


🕰️ Reports bring accurate real-time info.

Remember that making your sales report simplifies the follow-up of your operations and decision-making.

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