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Visual Merchandising: Potentialize your store

Did you know that the way your store is visually projected matters? Do you display products without a strategy or specific order? So, without a doubt, this information is for you and your staff, so that you can recognize an infallible way in which you can boost your sales through the design of an optimized space and develop techniques to capture attention and sell more.

What is Visual Merchandising?

It is a set of strategies focused on giving more visibility to products of a warehouse, store, or supermarket, increasing customer attention and generating better sales and loyalty.

What are the components? Every visible element in the store such as displays, furniture, screens, advertising, among other aspects that make a difference in your business.

Characteristics of Visual Merchandising

To get this strategy running, you must combine Sensory marketing, psychology and window dressing (display of products visible to the public).

Presentation of the products

• Product placement: Create a strategy based on the placement of products, always leave the most striking or those with the top selling priority at eye level, group them by colors, sizes or styles to facilitate exploration.

• Rotate products: Organize the store according to the season. This way you will provide an air of change to your clients. The distribution of the products inside the store should guide the customers.

• Organize by themes or concepts: Try to group your products by sets based on their utility. This way you will allow your client to find everything they are looking for.

• Sensation of offer: If you want to sell products quickly, make promotional labels visible and remember that bunching products together will leave the impression that they are on sale.

Showcase design: It is related to the exhibition of the products in places of more customer traffic. This can be on counters, furniture or showcases that provide more relevance and visibility to attract passers-by. The organization of these spaces must be attractive and have themes that reflect the brand identity.

Lightning: Light is everything, use adequate lighting to highlight products, create a cozy atmosphere and highlight the business’ layout.

Decoration of the commercial establishment: Every detail matters, the colors and decorative elements should showcase the brand identity.

Signs, advertising and visual communication: Place visual graphic pieces to inform about promotions and special offers.

Aromatization of the establishment: Select an exclusive aroma to highlight the atmosphere in your premises and achieve an identifying factor in customers.

Seasons and events: Adapt the establishment according to festive dates, seasons of the year or any special event.

Merchandising Strategy: Do not hesitate to start your action plan to take your business to another level with a Visual Merchandising strategy, where you can promote "hot purchases" by motivating your customers through a sensitive experience. We recommend three essential aspects to create a Visual Merchandising strategy that works.

1. Know your customer: Identify their tastes, interests and shopping preferences.

2. Define the objectives of your strategy based on two options.

3. Brand image: All the elements you use must obey your corporate image manual.

4. Customer buying habits: Set your objectives based on your consumers' preferences and purchasing interests.

5. Work with the showcase: Inspect if you have the correct exhibitors, if they are clean, consider the theme, style and the products to be displayed. **** Remember to have a POS to optimize your business **** If you have increased your sales and still do not have a Point of Sales System that manages the systematization of your sales and provides payment solutions that facilitate the transactions Universum is your best option!

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