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Welcome Summer: Generate more sales on the sunniest days of the year.

One of the most anticipated seasons in the United States has arrived: summer. A time where you can enjoy a wide range of activities and many people take the opportunity to take vacations, travel, take part in outdoor activities, attend celebrations, sporting events, among others, which become some of the favorite plans during the sunniest months of the year.

It is very probable that the sales of your business may increase in these days, for this reason, you must be prepared to understand that it is an opportunity to earn more money, so you must think of the different ways to adapt your business to the needs of your clients during this season.

Are you ready? In this blog, we will introduce you to some of the strategies that will allow you to level up with your business. Check out these tips and make the most of the advantages of this time.

1.Personalize your products and services: Get ready for market trends and consumer preferences. Adapt your products or services to satisfy your customers this season.

These are some of the most popular products to sell in summer and with which you can innovate in your inventory.

• Summer clothing: Bathing suits, dresses, hats, sandals.

• Sunscreen and moisturizing creams for the skin.

• Appliances: Fans, air conditioners, blenders, refrigerators, among others.

• Products for outdoor sports: sneakers, backpacks, skates, kayaks, bicycles, life jackets, balls, among others.

• Appliances: Fans and air conditioners.

• Food and drinks: Sodas, juices, soft drinks, beer and wine as well as foods like ice cream, fresh fruits and salads.

2. Hire enough staff: Make sure you have good customer service and enough staff to serve your customers. This way you will increase your sales and minimize long lines.

3. Prepare and order your facilities: Keep an eye on the air conditioning maintenance, remember that it’s important to maintain a good temperature within your facilities. If you have outdoor terraces, do not hesitate to take advantage of them and hold events that promote shopping and your customers’ wellbeing.

4. Check your inventory and verify that you have enough product stock. Adapt your products or services to the summer season.

5. Make a marketing strategy focused on promoting this season’s sales. Create offers, events and promotions through your different communication channels.

Here some tips:

Create offers and promotions: Do not hesitate to make a strategy that includes exclusive offers and discounts to your customers, besides building loyalty, this generates more sales.

Make themed and outdoor events: Attract more customers and take full advantage of the weather. Organize activities and contests focused on summer.

Advertising: Advertise through Google ads or on social media. You can also make use of billboards or local media outlets to reach a larger audience.

Marketing in social media: Create an attractive content plan, recreating a summer lifestyle. Take photos and videos taking advantage of the times and new trends.

E-mail campaigns: build customer loyalty through personalized messages and send them exclusive promotions to encourage purchases of your products and/or services.

Optimize your website: Remember to use summer related keywords, this will ensure your positioning in search engines and will help you attract more customers interested in your product and/or service.

6. Attract new customers: Design and make strategic alliances with other companies or suppliers. Offer packages or discounts during the summer, this will allow you to increase your brand’s visibility.

7. Flexible hours: Handle extended customer service hours so you can satisfy the demand.

8. Use a Point of Sale System: Make technology your best ally. Systematize your processes and transactions. By using a POS System you’ll organize your information and inventories, minimizing human errors, avoiding theft, and improving customer service.

9. Accept all payment methods: Remember that if you accept transactions in cash, debit cards, credit cards and EBT cards, you will have a better chance of generating sales and reaching all types of customers. The best way to do it is through a secure payment processing equipment.

Get your Point of Sales System with Universum

If you still don’t have a POS for this summer, this is your opportunity to systematize your business, organize it and generate more sales! To learn more about the benefits Universum is offering, contact our sales agents at +1-978-416-9964 or visit our website:

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