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Know the importance of having skilled personnel working in your business

Updated: Mar 28

Bring out the best in your company and attract more clients! Do you have your store's best-selling items already? Are your sales consistent? It's time to stand out from the competition! Keep in mind that providing amazing customer service is your biggest asset as a retailer. Focus your goals on ensuring friendly, quality, and efficient service. Want to know how to achieve this?

Hiring staff with assertive skills and qualities that promote the company's policies and identity is a great way to ensure success, as it has a direct impact on operational efficiency and high-quality customer service. In this blog, we will analyze some skills and abilities that an employee should have to bring more value to businesses in the workplace and how, through good service, customer loyalty is achieved. Read on to discover the key to success and how to hire the ideal staff for your business!

💡 If you still don't know how to ensure customer service, here are some essential tips to implement the best customer service in your company.

Working personnel skills

In today's dynamic world of work, company personnel face increasingly complex demands. It is no longer enough to have only a solid academic background or a professional degree; it is essential to possess skills that enable productive performance in the labor market. Adapting quickly to change, managing emotional intelligence, and being familiar with, or willing to learn about innovation and technology tools are becoming crucial.

We'll compile a list of the most common skills that an employee must have to face the working world and that employers should value as essential.

Personnel with social and emotional skills

These skills are part of the social dynamics that promote effective communication, collaboration, and teamwork. These are some of the most outstanding:

  • Proactive and respectful negotiation and conflict resolution.

  • Creativity and innovation.

  • Assertive communication and cordial behavior towards the customer as well as being able to do feedback analysis for the business.

  • Willingness to learn new skills.

  • Strength to face changes and adapt to new contexts.

  • Ability to make decisive, quick, and effective decisions.

  • Good management of emotional intelligence, ability to manage their emotions, communication, and good relationships with the work team, creating a good working environment.

  • Resilience: it is an added value when your employee can overcome obstacles that affect productivity and take advantage of new opportunities that arise along the way.

  • Technological and digital skills

Personnel with technological and digital skills

Nowadays, technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, which means that investing in having technological skills and learning to master them has become a priority. Here are some of the most important to have a competitive profile in the market.

  • Marketing or digital marketing: Employees must learn to market products and services, including social media management.

  • Web and software development studies: this skill guarantees the evolution of the business and better-paid profiles.

  • Creative digital skills: This trend allows the safe growth of retail companies. Knowledge in graphic design, animations, photography, and game development, among others, allows an optimal management of marketing and communications.

  • Ability to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools.

  • Ability and skills to do remote work.


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