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Boost Your Sales on Mother's Day with These 10 Proven Strategies

Mother's Day is a celebration full of emotion and great significance. This day represents the perfect opportunity for consumers to express love and appreciation for mothers. It is a special moment to honor them and show them how much we love them, with demonstrative gestures and carefully selected gifts.

Retailers must develop unique and exclusive strategies to stand out, for the holiday presents a perfect occasion to boost their sales and achieve business goals through special promotions, exclusive products, and personalized experiences to attract the attention of customers and generate a positive impact in the community and the business itself, thanks to financial results registered during this time.

💡 According to historical records, the celebration of Mother's Day in the United States was promoted by Anna Jarvis, in 1905.
How did the idea come about? She wanted to pay tribute to her mother, who had passed away, by highlighting her good deeds. In 1914, she got President Woodrow Wilson to sign an order declaring the second Sunday of May as a special day for mothers in the United States. Since then, the first days of May have been a blessing for commerce and the prelude of a beautiful celebration.

The National Retail Federation (NRF) recorded that in 2023, there was a total consumption of US$35.7 billion in purchases made during this special date, surpassing by US$4 billion the amount generated in 2022, where a consumption of US$31.7 billion was reported.

In 2024, it is estimated that Americans will surpass last year's figures and make a bigger impact on purchases made in physical stores and e-commerce.

In our blog “How to Succeed on Mother's Day”, we talked about marketing strategies to generate more sales this May 12th and how, through social media content, every business could generate visibility to attract customers to their products and/or services.

In this second part, we want to continue providing useful information for each business, offering tools to create personalized gifts that generate more demand among consumers.


Creative gift ideas to offer in your business:

The options are endless, but the ones that resonate most with consumers are personalized details and exclusive experiences - make choosing the perfect gift a treat, not a hassle!

  • Personalized gift cards: Offer your customers the option to get a gift card, where depending on the amount of the card, mothers can choose the products they prefer.

  • Product Baskets: Design exclusive product baskets, oriented to the mother's preferences. Example: Bottle of wine, cookies, chocolates, fruits, special hams, cheeses, among other products. Add a card with a special message.

  • Box of beauty products: Create a box where you offer the best products for personal care. Example: Moisturizing creams, perfumes, make-up, among others. You can vary them or select them by categories.

  • Personalized jewelry: These gifts have become very popular. Engraved jewelry (such as bracelets, charms, or rings) with initials, important dates, and even a meaningful phrase is always attractive for this occasion. Offer this option in your business and you will reign, because every day, buyers want exclusive gifts to express their love.

  • Personalized photo album: Give your customers ideas. A special gift could be a personalized album with messages and photos collected, accompanied by more special memories between mother and children.

  • Personalized mugs: A beautiful gift for mothers, with inspirational messages or a printed image.

  • Flower bouquets: A must when talking about gifts for mom, stock your store with exclusive flowers and offer them as complements to your gifts.

  • Spa experience: Propose a spa kit with personal grooming products.

  • Gift Wrapping Service: Offer gift wrapping service free of charge so customers can take their purchases home ready to give, saving them time and providing a convenient shopping experience.

  • Home Delivery Service: Offer free or low-cost home delivery service for Mother's Day purchases, making it more convenient for customers to shop at your store.

How to make the most out of Mother's Day?

Here are some recommendations you can use in your business.

Decorate your physical store with a special “mother’s” theme: Make it special with decorations using colors and elements that picture representations of love. Display eye-catching products, to suggest gift ideas for mothers.

Themed activities: Offer your customers special Mother's Day events. These events are perfect for providing experiences for customers and their mothers: What can you offer? Make a list of preferred customers and offer them activities such as Make-up workshops, crafts, food catering, and live music. It will surely be a success!

Strategic alliances with local businesses: This strategy never fails! Make collaborations with other retailers, to propose promotional packages or customized discounts. For example, if you have a food store, you could work in alliance with a florist to offer discounts or gifts, when shopping in these commercial establishments.

Don't forget that personalized attention makes the difference and builds customer loyalty! Give priority to having friendly in-store staff for these dates and make sure they are willing to offer the best version of your business.

Pro-tip to stop losing sales

You must have a Point of Sales System that helps you to keep control of your business inventory, also verify that you have the proper technology to offer a wide variety of payment methods to your customers, so you do not miss anything.

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