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Trust your business to Universum

High quality equipment and excellent customer service

Universum is a company dedicated to the creation of software and hardware solutions designed to meet the needs of your company, offering a Point of Sale System (POS) that allows you to systematize and grow your business, improving the experience with your clients and strengthening your sales. Our line of products and services offer constant quality and value for your business.

Why choose Universum?

Our actions speak more than a million words, at Universum we have high-quality equipment at affordable prices that adapt to any type of business.

Our software is intuitive, easy to use and configure so you can improve the productivity of your business, increase sales and customer satisfaction. In addition to this, it includes the integration to QuickBooks and WooCommerce, which means accounting and e-commerce tasks are simplified.

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We are the best option to systematize your business!

What we offer

• High quality equipment.

• Real time inventory management.

• Sales reports.

• Different payment options.

• 24/7 customer service and unlimited support.

• E-Commerce integration.

Our system is ready to help your business from day one, our equipment catalog includes:

• Cash register

• Code reader

• Printer

• Keyboard kit

• Mouse (Wireless)

• Card processing terminal

Our devices

A10 device: Designed for businesses that are new in the market and need a high quality and affordable system. Its fast and reliable hardware has a touch screen and a resistant to splashes and dust robust build.

A15device: An all-in-one, high-performance, high-quality system. It has a touch screen and is made for the most demanding and stylish businesses. Our A15 is made entirely of aluminum, giving elegance and robustness to your business.

T52device: It is a device that allows for customization according to your needs. It is recommended for supermarkets or large stores and is designed to handle heavy workloads.

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Our add-ons

Price checker: A tool designed to let the customer know the price of products. It can be set on walls and/or columns. Easy installation.

U-PDA: It is a wireless equipment that includes an integrated bar code reader, allowing quick inventory check, saving time and money.

ScalMagellan 9400i: Device with barcodes and scale, designed for heavy workloads.

Cash register: Box with padlock and key to keep money safe. Recommended to transport money or to be assigned to employees.

Server: Designed to store data and information quickly and easily, forget about data loss with this device.

Payment Terminals

S90 mobile terminal: Wireless device used to make electronic payments, with debit and credit cards. It adapts to different types of businesses, restaurants and retail stores.

ID TECH VP330: It is an innovative device that allows electronic transactions in commercial establishments through a mobile application.

A920 device: It is an all-in-one device that allows you to carry out payment transactions and other commercial operations quickly and safely.

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