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How can a supermarket stand out and become more competitive?

Do you want your supermarket to stand out and be more competitive? Work on designing and implementing strategies that strengthen positive customer experiences; this will increase your sales and position your supermarket locally. Discover how to unlock your full creative potential while establishing and improving your supermarket or bodega by following our blog series. Remember, location is key, but strategic planning, attention to customer needs, and attractive offers that drive sales are key to standing out on a large scale.

Here is part 1 in case you missed it:

Next, we are sharing a series of strategies that you could implement in your supermarket or bodega:

Communication strategies.

Every company must keep communication and customer interaction easy and fast, to know their concerns and doubts. This will enable you to gather insightful feedback that will improve operational processes as well as the promotion of products, services and the different eventualities that arise.

How can you achieve this?

1.     Create effective communication channels that guarantee direct contact with customers, establishing personalized and trained attention.

There are many communication channels and all of them have their own interaction strategies, sometimes their dynamics are similar and, in other instances, you can always collect information to improve. We recommend the following communication channels:

o   Telephone Contact.

o Customer service, support, complaints or returns contact.

o   Corporate and customer service e-mail.

o   Social networks with chats enabled.

o   Whatsapp Business

o   Website and online chat.

Usually, through these channels, customers are informed about supermarket dynamics and information is collected to create more successful strategies.

 💡 Important fact: Receiving feedback from customers can help your business expand and will also help you identify areas for improvement, so make sure your communication channels are enabled, active and aligned with the identity and values of your business. According to statistics, 85% of consumers believe that a brand's customer service determines how devoted they will be to it.

📖 If you need help or don’t know much about it, check out this blog about artificial intelligence (AI) and how you can apply it to your business.

2.     Trained personnel: The customer experience will mark the difference between you and your direct competition through quality service. Promote friendly and courteous attention from your employees to your customers, and efforts to find effective solutions to their concerns. Their speech must be consistent with the company's policies, promoting the business identity.

💡 Tips on how to improve customer service HERE

3.     Improve the customer experience inside your supermarket: Great customer service is related to customer comfort in their shopping process as well as in the interaction with the staff inside the store.

4.     Presence in social networks: This 2024, social networks and online presence will continue to lead the formulas to position a business, reaching a wider audience, therefore, creating quality content and focusing on consumer behaviors, will be the most important key to strengthening communication and creating more attractive promotion strategies, with a value proposition of your business brand, which is the reason why a customer prefers a commercial establishment, over others.

Pro Tip: Create content strategies based on neuromarketing

💡 "Neuromarketing is the psychological study with the purpose to comprehend people's behavior at the time of purchase. It aims to understand how people interact with a brand and what their motivations and interests are for making a purchase."

Let's start with the idea that everything communicates. Knowing the consumer will make the difference when creating promotional strategies based on neuromarketing studies, to know the reaction to the different products and/or services of the supermarket.

Some effective neuromarketing strategies for content creation that we have already analyzed for you.

  • Generate curiosity.

  • Create a need.

  • Target basic instincts.

  • Product or service exclusivity.

  • Show authority and capability.

  • Create mirror neuron impact, i.e., turn the supermarket brand or any product it offers into a trend.

  • Stimulate the senses.

  • Talk about prices.

  • Educate your audience.

  • Use storytelling.

  • Generate identity and belonging.

Organize your supermarket's finances: If you want to have an organized supermarket business, a tool like a POS System is perfect to help you systematize it and have accurate sales reports. This will guarantee transactions, inventory tracking and sales analysis. In addition, it is great for the implementation of loyalty programs to help you improve the customer experience. Click on the picture on the right to know more.

Achieve this by acquiring a Point of Sale (POS) system and other technologies that support employee management.

How will Universum help your supermarket?

With Universum's Point of Sales System, you will be able to improve your customer experience, providing a more efficient, fast and secure service.

Remember: Our POS system streamlines your operations and facilitates customer service. In addition, it will help you manage checkout lines in your business so that they can flow properly.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of our services, contact a sales agent at 1-888-507-6614 or visit our website: to learn more about our company.

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