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How to keep your Point of Sale System in perfect condition

In the supermarket and retail business world, having a Point of Sale System (POS) has brought many benefits in commercial operations, in addition to favoring the way the customer experiences the purchasing of their products, and security in every transaction.

However, the proper functioning of the POS System must be ensured through its maintenance so that every process is carried out efficiently and securely.

In this blog, we will show you how to maintain your POS in the best condition.

What should we consider for a POS to function properly?

Updated software: Make sure you have your POS software up to date and always keep the latest version. This guarantees security, minimizes errors and allows you to make use of new features.

Equipment in good condition: Check that all equipment is in good condition: The POS, printers, scanners and payment terminals. Make sure all devices are working properly and well connected.

Maintenance and cleaning: Perform preventive maintenance and cleaning of the devices, this minimizes wear and tear on the equipment.

Security: Take security measures. Keep passwords up to date and verify that software is protected from viruses.

Monitor equipment operation: If you are mindful of regular performance, you will be able to identify failures and be able to take quick solutions.

Technical Support: Have the contact of your service provider company on hand, a call for tech support can save you time and possible inconveniences.

Cleaning the POS System equipment: Cleaning the POS equipment regularly is ideal to prolong its performance and useful life.

Below, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to clean equipment easily and safely.

💡 Pro-tip: Before cleaning, make sure you have the equipment turned off and unplugged. Also, carefully reading the manufacturer's recommendations is a good practice considering some equipment might need specific cleaning products or techniques.

Touch Screen: To clean touch screens, use a soft microfiber cloth, moisten it a little with isopropyl alcohol, and use circular movements to avoid scratching the screen. Never apply glass cleaner directly to the screen.

General cleaning: With a soft cloth slightly moistened with isopropyl alcohol, clean the exterior of the equipment while avoiding applying liquids directly and preventing them from leaking into the interior of the equipment. If there are slots in printers or payment terminals, clean the area with a cotton ball and verify no residues are left.

Keyboard and/or buttons: These accessories should be carefully cleaned with cotton swabs. Do not apply liquids directly and, when done, check that there are no residues left.

💡 Pro-tip: Schedule cleaning routines for your equipment every month or whenever required. This way, you will have a reminder on your calendar that helps you avoid the risk of damage.

Materials necessary for a good cleaning of your equipment:

1. Soft microfiber cloths.

2. Cotton swabs or towels.

3. Isopropyl alcohol, among others.

Universum and tech support

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