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Newsletter January 2023

For a 2023 without worries and with total protection on your devices.

2022 was a year of many changes and challenging moments for your business, which is why, at UNIVERSUM, we want to make things easier and help you save even more money with our new service pack, which includes: Total device protection (equipment substitution*), software license, 24/7 unlimited support and more. All in one pack with no additional subscriptions.

Acquire your uCare plan starting from $49.99/mo

*Substitution only applies to devices sold by Universum.


Know the latest Software updates:

Integration with QuickBooks®

Now you can connect your uPOS to QuickBooks® with the receipt and invoice integration feature.

Grocery Updates: New version 5.0.8

  1. Now you can add a new product from the cashier screen.

  2. New details regarding invoice printing.

  3. Startup performance optimized for faster load.

Restaurant: ¿What does the new version (4.0.9) bring?

  1. Kitchen Orders enhanced. More details in the receipt and better reading quality.

  2. The new delivery feature will only require “Customer Name” and “Phone Number” values to proceed with an order.

If you are interested in these features and more, or you have any doubts about the updates, get in touch with your sales agent or call us at +1-888-507-6614.


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