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Black Friday will be celebrated in the United States this November 24, 2023, just after Thanksgiving Day, and is the ideal excuse to begin developing sales strategies in order to meet your productivity targets.

This is a day when consumers eagerly await the availability of a wide range of products at reduced prices; it could be said that they wait for this specific Friday to buy what they consider to be of high price, but which they now have the opportunity to purchase.

In this blog, we will recommend some effective marketing strategies so that you can properly plan the promotions that will allow you to make a sales plan and make the most of this season, where you can generate more money in your commercial establishment.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a commercial event that stands out by offering great discounts on products and services, both in commercial establishments and in online stores.

This day began to be celebrated on 1960 in Philadelphia, with the aim of inaugurating the Christmas shopping season with incredible prices.

Black Friday Dynamics: At that time, the theory goes that merchants went from having numbers in red, (losing money) after Thanksgiving, to having numbers in black, making money with the discount day.

What do consumers look for the most on Black Friday?

Generally, products that usually have high prices and that day have a special discount:

• Technology

• Clothes

• Home and Garden

• Sports and Fitness

• Health & Beauty

• Toys

💡 Relevant facts about Black Friday 2022

• During Black Friday 2022, there was a purchasing record of around $9.12 million dollars in the United States.

• Sales increased 2.3% compared to the previous year (2021)

• Electronic and technology products were the best-selling products, increasing their acquisition by 221% during the sale day. Same applied to toys and sports equipment.

• Sales through electronic commerce skyrocketed.

How to prepare your business for this Black Friday?

1. Plan your processes: Say no to improvisation. Organize and define your sales goals and objectives. Establish a budget for marketing and do prior research on the products and services to promote. Create a loyalty program that allows you to retain your customers.

2. Define your audience: Determine who you will focus your advertising messages on so that you can reach your ideal customer and encourage purchases.

3. Create attractive promotions: The success of Black Friday is due to the availability of exclusive promotions that are not available on other days. Calculate discounts that customers will find appealing and that will increase sales. These promotional strategies generate a sense of urgency, which works well at the time of purchase. Create limited-time promotions with discount percentages such as 20% off, half price, or 2x1. They are efficient!

4. Digital Marketing: Promote your products using digital strategies such as email, social media, online advertising, and SEM and SEO strategies, which will serve as a channel for potential customers to learn about discounts in your commercial establishment. Improve the technical readiness of your website and platforms for increased traffic and transactions. Collaborate with brand ambassadors to increase the visibility of your company.

5. Quality customer service: Train your team to deal with customer traffic and resolve problems in a friendly and efficient manner.

6. Sales analysis: At the end of the sales days, analyze your strategies, which one worked and which did not, with the aim of creating an improvement plan for next year and continuing to work on the growth of your business.

7. Simplify payments in your business: Keep in mind the importance of receiving all payment methods and thus improve the experience with customers.

If you want to find out more about marketing strategies for Black Friday, check this article 📖

Optimize your business for the sales season

Don't miss any sales! Commercial establishments must adapt to the new demands of customer needs, offering them all types of payment and a successful shopping experience.

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