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Increase your profits even more: Sales Strategies for Supermarkets

Do you own a supermarket in the United States and want to make it one of the best? You must keep in mind that the competition is diverse and complex, therefore, your commercial strategy must be comprehensive and focused on the needs of the public to which your sales are directed.

At first, you may feel as if you are receiving a lot of information and putting it into practice is difficult. When running a supermarket, there are three critical factors that must be understood. Supermarkets are constantly managing good prices and special offers to attract customers, but it is pointless to generate sales if they are not tracked.

What is a Supermarket or bodega?

A supermarket is a commercial establishment that offers consumer goods, such as food, clothing, hygiene items, perfumery, cleaning products, among other items.

[Fun fact] Clarence Saunders opened the first supermarket in history on September 16, 1916, in Memphis (Tennessee): Piggly Wiggly. A self-service idea where the customer would take their products and take them to the checkout for cancellation. Making it a unique and fast experience. read more about this story here 🚀.

Steps to organize a successful supermarket:

Creating and managing a supermarket is hard work, priority must be given to optimizing the processes that will allow you to establish commercial strategies, which will lead you to maximize sales and achieve customer loyalty.

Step 1: Acquire a Point of Sales

Saving time and minimizing human errors is achieved by acquiring an effective point of sale that allows you to effectively manage your sales, inventory, reports and, a primary feature, that receives all types of payment transactions. The main plus will be knowing which products you have in stock, which ones you sell, and how much money comes in. Do you know how to do it? If you don't, here is some help: How to choose a good Point of Sales System?

Step 2: Segment your clients' market:

Conduct market research to identify your customers based on their purchasing habits and preferences. This analysis will allow you to determine which products are in high demand. Study the competition to have their prices and commercial strategies as a reference to improve your customers' experience.

Step 3: Products and/or services:

Offer a diverse range of food products and daily consumer items. You can also offer bakery, butcher, and fishmonger services.

Step 4: Focus on customer service:

The staff must be trained to resolve customer needs, know the products sold, their location, promotions and to have assertive service communication, good attitude and cordiality.

After you've organized your target market, the products you'll sell, purchased a comprehensive POS system, and trained your staff, you can start developing a sales strategy.

Strategies to increase sales

Having a supermarket is very profitable if you recognize and work to enhance it. When developing your organization, you must consider how the consumer can interact with the items.

Correct distribution: Organize products strategically, promoting interaction with the customer. Mark the spaces, keep in view the prices that encourage the purchase. Attractively design product displays.

Products: Offers a wide variety of products in stock, more products from various brands, attracts more customers.

Prices and promotions: Offer good prices that attract customers. Offers and discounts that encourage purchasing.

For example:

Cross-selling: where you create an environment or organization of products that invite the customer to buy related products to a main product.

Up-selling: where you create offers for products of similar use as the main one but this represents higher income per sale as well as a purchase improvement.

Product tastings and demonstrations: Promote customer interest through alliances with brands to hold promotional brand-tasting events. Activities such as tastings and cooking shows generate interaction and sales.

Customer loyalty programs: Reward your customers by creating a loyalty strategy, where they receive discounts, bonuses and/or gifts.

Activate online shopping and home delivery: Customer needs have changed, it is a great addition to offer online shopping and/or home delivery services. It can be a market that generates even more sales for your business.

POS systems for supermarkets

Supermarkets must adapt to new demands and, nowadays, the quality of service has become the most valued experience. If you haven’t systematized your supermarket yet, we will tell you how you can manage to do it, minimizing human errors.

Choose an appropriate POS System for your supermarket, it will depend on the needs of the business. A POS is a software that allows you to manage sales processes, inventories, reports and payment transactions.

Equipment to optimize your supermarket’s processes

Computer or tablet: Devices where the POS software works.

Server: Designed to store data and information quickly and easily, forget about data loss with this equipment.

Cash register: Box with lock and key, to keep money safe. Recommended to transport money for counting or to be assigned to each employee.

Price Tag Reader: This price reader can be easily installed on walls, columns, or even hallway shelves. Easy to view for consumers.

Terminals for payment processing: Don't lose any sales. Receive all types of payment: debit cards, credit cards, EBT cards and WIC cards. These devices may include A touch screen, a barcode scanner, a receipt printer. Plus, your transactions are always secure.

PDA: Wireless device to take inventory safely and efficiently. It integrates perfectly with all POS.

Do you want a better experience while managing your supermarket? Universum offers you the best POS, equipment and payment processing on the market, enabling you to provide solutions and speed to your clients. We have quick-install products, without contracts, and no fine print.

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