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Take advantage of Summer: Follow Stock Trends to boost your sales

Summer has arrived and brought a wide range of opportunities for companies to generate more profit with trending products. Preparing for this time is a challenge for many businesses, which need to adapt their stock to the requirements and needs of customers. The real challenge is planning a strategy to maximize the benefits and generate more sales.

Do you want to get the most out of summer? Follow these recommendations.

Tips for Maintaining a Good Seasonal Inventory During the Summer

Each business is unique and must analyze its market to understand the preferences of its customers and assertively select the products to promote in summer to have a successful season.

In this blog, we want to highlight the importance of having the right stock so you can achieve your sales goals.

Plan: Do a preliminary analysis of the trends during the summer and based on its conclusion, create a calendar with the important dates so that you can rotate the products that have the most movement during those days. Make sure you have enough stock to avoid running out of stock during times of high demand.

Analyze the past summer's sales records: Check past summer sales patterns. Identify the products that were most in demand and which were least. This information will be vital to know the current inventory needs.

Maintain connection with suppliers and carry out regular inventories: Make sure to order products well in advance and thus avoid supply problems. Maintaining communication with your suppliers is very important to keep track of your stock in case you have shortages.

Guarantee space in the warehouse: Consider having adequate storage space for your inventory. Keep your products organized using systems that allow you quick product access and control over what is in stock.

Build customer loyalty with promotions and Marketing strategies: Organize a content plan and summer promotions, this will strengthen sales and stock rotation while preventing other products from “getting old” in storage and shelves.

Inventory Ideas for the Summer Season

Your public is the one who will define the products you must have in your business to satisfy the demand and desires of your customers. Due to the evident climate changes, here we will give you a few key ideas of invetory to have in your business so you can cover more consumers.

Personal products

Sunscreen is one of the most requested products, make sure you have a variety of brands and coverage (SPF) options, in addition to suntan lotions, hats, glasses and clothing with UV protection.

Beauty and personal care products: Climate change can directly affect the skin and hair. Products such as shampoos, moisturizing creams, and makeup, have a high turnover. Also, nail grooming products and refreshing fragrances.

Trendy summer clothes: Bikinis, skirts, sandals, and shorts are welcome. The perfect time to show all summer looks.

Beach and pool items: There are essentials for a sunny day, dark glasses, beach umbrellas, towels, and chairs, among other basic elements that will make your stay on the beach more pleasant.

Recreations and outdoor sports

There are various activities and sports that are very common to be practiced during the summer, here we give you a summary of the most popular.

Travel and tourism: Consider items such as suitcases, travel toiletries, power adapters, cell phone chargers, etc.

Equipment for water sports: Diving and snorkeling equipment. Inflatables and pool balls. Surfboards, kayaks, paddleboarding equipment.

Equipment for beach sports: Variety of balls, rackets, frisbee games, kites for children, and shovels to play in the sand, among others.

Equipment for cycling and hiking: Bicycles and complementary accessories. Backpacks, thermos cups for water, shoes suitable for hiking, etc.

Food and Drinks

Refreshing drinks: The heat triggers the desire for refreshing drink consumption like wines, as well as cold drinks, natural juices, ice creams and beers.

Food: Fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses, sausages, salads and barbecue-specific food.

Adaptations and events at home

Barbecue supplies, most requested examples: Grills, charcoal, barbecue sauces and seasonings, plus grill accessories.

Typical appliances for summer: Air conditioning, fans, refrigerators, freezers, blenders and mixers to make "smoothies", ice cream machines, among others.

Items for gardening and landscaping: In summer it is very common to decorate gardens with plants and flowers. Terraces with outdoor furniture and decorative lights are also suitable. In addition, the demand for garden tools and irrigation systems arises.

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