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Newsletter March 2023

Universum rewards your fidelity

As an Universum customer you can enjoy the Benefits of the Referral Plan, which consists of earning $100 USD for each customer you refer, that acquires one of our POS solutions or activates a processing service.

The more clients you refer, the more money you’ll earn. In adition to earning $100 per client, you will get a free subscription of our uCare+ services, as long as your referred clients stay subscribed.


Even more benefits with these payment processing equipment

Your business needs versatile hig-end equipment that allows you to optimize and carry out safe transactions instantly. Here we tell you what’s new at Universum:


It’s a mobile payment terminal that accepts payments with debit and credit cards, plus contactless payments.

This is an ideal payment processing equipment for restaurants and retail stores.


It’s a payment card reader, which allows electronic transactions in commercial establishments through a mobile application. Ideal for businesses that provide any type of delivery and shipping services.


The A920 payment terminal is a mobile payment and point-of-sale (POS) solution, designed to receive credit and debit card payments, mobile and other contactless payments.

It’s built with a high-resolution color touch screen, an integrated camera and a barcode reader.

It is the perfect equipment for businesses like stores and food trucks.

If you are interested in these features and more, or you have any doubts about the updates, get in touch with your sales agent or call us at +1-888-507-6614.


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