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Surprise your favorite superhero! Amazing ideas to celebrate Father's Day

Every year, merchants have the opportunity to implement techniques aimed at increasing sales during the traditional celebrations. On this occasion, Father's Day is coming up on June 16, 2024 and, starting now, merchants should have stock on products or have their service promotions ready. The best thing is that, coincidentally, summer season is around the corner as well, so the offers have a lot of ground for creativity, specially experiences oriented offers.

💡History of Father's Day: Father's Day has been officially celebrated in the United States since 1924, when President Calvin Coolidge declared it a national celebration. In addition, in 1966 US President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the declaration that every third Sunday in June would be celebrated as Father's Day. This initiative has been so widely accepted and popular that other countries, especially Latin America, have chosen this day as a national holiday.

What innovative ideas can be monetized on Father's Day?

Consumers buying behavior has evolved, and technology has driven decisions behind it. In the past, typical products such as shoes or ties👎 were given as gifts, but now personalized gifts and experiences have gained customer's interest.

Here's a list of ideas for gifts you can use to drive your sales up or to make your loved ones happy. You'll thank us later 😉:

  • Personalized gifts: This type of gift is in great demand, offering them allows you to sell more. How? Add names, images, and unique messages to a basic mug or t-shirt, along with any other information the buyer requests, such as the color scheme.

  • Gift vouchers: Offer your clients the option of gift cards with the amount they wish, so that the recipient (very likely to be a happy father) can spend the money on whatever they like the most.

  • Make gift boxes: If you own a supermarket and want to increase your sales, craft boxes of products clients can find your business. For fathers, a charcuterie board, with a nice variety of hams, cheeses and a bottle of wine works very well. You can diversify the boards with different options or give your customer the option to put together their own box. Do it, and let us know how it goes!. Surprise breakfasts themed baskets are also very trendy.

  • Activate the pastry area: If you own a supermarket, bodega or a pastry shop, know that the idea of making personalized desserts is booming. Decorate this space with Father's Day trends. The variety of desserts trending is wide, but if you don't have much creativity, we recommend you take some that are already popular and adapt them to your style. For example, you can be inspired by classic designs such as cookies with emotive messages, cakes decorated with dad's tools or cupcakes with themed toppers.

  • Barbecues: Offer the barbecue experience among friends, with kits to set it up. What can you include? The best quality meat, boards, knives and other utensils. Don't forget wine to go with it.

  • Sports items: Father's Day comes along with the beginning of summer. It is the perfect date to gift outdoor activities and sports items, such as swimming, surfing, soccer, among others.

  • Technology: Tech gifts are in great demand among customers. Be ready with promotions for smartphones, headphones, televisions, consoles, smartwatches, cameras and other nice products.

  • Alliances to promote experiences: Make connections and alliances with businesses that offer attractive services for fathers, for example, for purchases of "x" value, customers can get a spa voucher, a BBQ cooking workshop, among others.

  • Sell even more with personalized marketing campaigns: Father's Day is a date to share and express all the love to our superhero. That special being who is the best example of love and hard work.

In 2023, more than US$22.9 billion in sales were recorded in the United States during Father's Day celebration, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF).

Don't let your business be left behind and start working on personalized marketing campaigns. In this blog, we will give you some tips to score a 10 in content marketing.

  • Plan and execute successful campaigns: Get to know your audience. This guarantees success, you can segment them according to their buying behaviors, interests, preferences and demographics.

  • Social media strategies: Create content with personalized messages and identify which applications are the best to distribute your message. Consider personalizing emails and calling the customer by name in an email marketing strategy.

  • Create special offers: Design a promotional strategy and exclusive discounts based on interests and past purchases. Encouraging user participation, with contests based on the business identity and the products offered, is not superfluous.

  • 📖Customer experience feedback: Get to know your customer. Track customer interactions with your business and the products you sell and use that information to personalize their experiences.


Organize your business

On these dates, demand is significant, therefore, our best recommendation is to organize your business. These are our recommendations to cover all the bases.

  1. Get a Point of Sales System, POS. If you already have it, check for updates to minimize errors.

  2. Make sure your inventory is ready and complete to meet customer demand.

  3. Evaluate sales and customer service personnel and have them ready to work under pressure.

  4. Create father-inspired activities in your business that serve to provide emotional messages the days before.

  5. Evaluate your sales through daily accurate reports.

Universum's Point of Sale System (Upos)

Universum's Point of Sales System, POS, allows you to provide the best experience to your customer. Do you know why?...


  1. It's the best tool to have all your business information and products systematized.

  2. Secure transactions: different payment methods in one device. Cash, debit and/or credit card, EBT card, WIC card and OTC card. In addition, electronic cards such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay.

  3. Sales reports: know how much you sell per day, per week and per month, simplifying accounting and decision making processes.

  4. Programming promotions and offers on the time-frame you decide.

With Universum's uPOS you can automate the products you wish to promote, for as many days as you wish.

💡 Here are the steps to create an offer in Universum's POS

  1. Log in with your administrator code.

  2. On the top menu, click on the “Inventory” button.

  3. Search for the product in the search bar or using its barcode.

  4. Tap on the “Fees or discounts” button.

  5. Tap on “Item on special”.

  6. Read and complete in detail the required fields with the offer's price and duration dates.

Here's a video for better illustration.

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