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Universum: Transforming the sales experience

Universum has been involved in the transformation of sales experiences since 2015, assisting businesses in optimizing their processes through technological solutions. Offering them POS systems and payment processing equipment as well as comprehensive services. Tools that empower and assist them in growing their businesses in this competitive and changing world.

We have extensive experience providing software and hardware solutions to retail stores, with whom we have worked to obtain positive results with a service that has made a difference.

At Universum, we aim to lead each of our clients to success, offering them peace of mind and security in all their business processes and transactions, minimizing human errors.

Our customer service is a priority, therefore, our technical support lines are enabled 24 hours a day, to help clients when they need advice, in addition, our attention is personalized, which allows us to know the client's perception and listen to their needs, to adapt the POS System to the characteristics of the business, if required.

Testimonies that drive us

We want to share with you one of the many testimonies that fill us with pride and give us the drive to improve our services every day. Our goal is to be a leading company in the technological field, giving our clients peace of mind that they are using an efficient POS with the best benefits on the market, considering quality and price.

Sanchez Market has installed our POS system, looking to have a technological tool that could adapt to their specific needs as well as a provider that had excellent customer service.

Below, we highlight the words of the Sanchez Market staff, who are part of the great Universum family and with whom we work hard to create a satisfying sales experience.

Sanchez Market Testimonial

“It is a very modern system, we feel very comfortable working with it, it is much easier and the best thing is that the client can see Items and total cost as they are being checked out, we give them peace of mind when we give them their receipt”

Everything is easier!

“The experience in our store has been excellent, since it was installed, our clients have more access, greater ease, a more modern system. It is a system that helps us serve clients more quickly, and where we have all the information on the computer. The system makes collection and inventory much easier for us, leaving behind the manual method”
“All deposits on time, I can see them in the bank accounts every day. The support from Universum is very fast and good, whenever we have requested it, they have been attentive to resolve our concerns.”
“We have no complaints with customer service. They always answer quickly”

These are testimonies that inspire us to continue evolving in the business world, demonstrating how, through technology, we can create a strategy that improves business operational processes and provides solutions that satisfy customer needs and help understand their sales performance. Once again we reiterate why we are chosen and recommended.

Why is Universum's POS the best option for your business?

Universum provides equipment that adapts to any type of business and can be purchased at very competitive prices in the market. In addition, our system offers integration with Quickbooks so you can do your accounting, plus an integrated variety of processing systems that allow you to accept all types of payments (cash, debit card, credit, EBT cards and WIC cards). Our company stands out among our clients by providing 24/7 attention and support, in Spanish and English.

If you want to learn more about our benefits and services, do not hesitate to contact a sales agent at +1-978-416-9964 or visit the website:

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